Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lyfe Jennings

We all know him for him raspy voice that pulls you in from the first lyric. His music has the Motown vibe but with the hip edge of today's sound. His album touched us all with his in depth story of his life and things in general! He opened our minds to the possibilities of life and the involvement it has around us. Every track has you involved but even more so it had you think and questioning what you thought you knew! His music has closed the gap for a lot of generations who love the combination of sound, and meaning. Lyfe Jennings brought back soulful music for a lot of us, and for others he added on top of what we already had!  His songs gave us all that good feeling vibe and the messages were always clear! So below are just a few videos, and also he just dropped a new single called "If I knew Then"  
No matter the message either love, pain, sacrifice you knew where he was coming from! All of his songs have a message if you listen long enough you'll find the song that fits you! 

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 Places to find him

New Album Called
Sooner & Later
Coming this Fall 2009
New Single
Haters - Available now for download

Haters (Album Version) - Lyfe Jennings

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