Tuesday, January 5, 2010

G2 Mixtape

The Newest Mixtape has arrived and fans went crazy over the first few hours!
Fans anticipations of Greenlight was beyond what many imagined, in fact the frenzy was crazy it hit major records in downloads within the first couple of hours. So Bow Wow decided to give his fans another treat, and made G2. This mixtape was downloaded just as fast and the fans appreciated the time it took and the wait. Now this is not a mixtape for young ears so parental advisory on this one, but for us older listeners it's a treat! Bow Wow is his own competition and he  has to do better then what he's produced before.Not only does he not want to let the fans down, but he also doesn't want to disappoint himself! So download the mixtape and enjoy every track has a hot beat and brings that Bow Wow Flare we all love!!
 Track Listening
1. Bow Wow - G2 Intro (0:48)
2. Bow Wow - I Do Dis (3:06)
3. Bow Wow - All Talk (3:33)
4. Bow Wow - I Wanna Rock feat Short Dawg (2:23)
5. Bow Wow - Boyfriend for the Night (2:37)
6. Bow Wow - I'm Gon' Make It feat Pleasure P (2:34)
7. Bow Wow - December 4th Freestyle (2:09)
8. Bow Wow - Every Other Prod by Cool N Dre (3:33)
9. Bow Wow - Say Something (YOUSO Remix) feat Lupe Fiasco & Drake (5:13)
10. Bow Wow - The Game Speaks (Kobe LeBron) (0:34)
11. Bow Wow - Mo Milly Freestyle (2:16)
12. Bow Wow - Dangerous (3:53)
13. Bow Wow - Come Smoke With Me Part 2 (3:11)
14. Bow Wow - Patna Dem Freestyle (2:56)
15. Bow Wow - Put In Work (Bow Speaks) (0:11)
16. Bow Wow - Shine (2:52)
17. Bow Wow - Big Everything (2:08)
18. Bow Wow - Slow It Down (Interlude) (0:17)
19. Bow Wow - Addicted to Women (1:58)
20. Bow Wow - Come Over feat Pleasure P (3:11)
21. Bow Wow - Blonde Or Brunette (2:56)


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