Friday, July 22, 2011

Sex Vs. Love - Which One Wins?


Men Value Love $73 More Than Sex According to Study

Los Angeles, CA (July 13, 2011) –, the premier online dating marketplace where first dates are bought and sold, just announced the results of a three month study which concludes that men value love $73 more than sex.

According to the study, men seeking no-strings attached relationships paid an average of $121 for a first date, whereas single men looking for serious long-term relationships paid an average of $194 for the opportunity of finding love.

“We often hear the stereotype that men value sex and women value love,” says Founder & CEO of and MIT alum, Brandon Wade. “Our study shows this stereotype is wrong. In fact, men value love more than sex by over 60%.”

The study also finds that men who seek only no-strings attached relationships tend to be serial daters and more prolific, paying for first dates over 2.1 times more than commitment-minded men.

Dating Advice for Women

According to, the study translates directly into important, yet practical first date advice for women who are searching for love.

She should take note of where the man takes her on a first date.  Men who seek love will treat women with greater respect and generosity than men who only want sex.

Women should also take a close look at his eyes.  Men who seek love will shower them with focused and undivided attention, while men interested only in sex will scour the room for other women.

The Methodology

Over 30,000 men were included in the study.  To determine the value of love and sex, the average price members paid for a first date on was calculated. The value of love is determined as the price paid for a first date by singles looking only for long-term relationships and marriage. The value of sex is calculated as the price paid for a first date by those seeking short-term relationships, extra-marital affairs and casual encounters. is the first and only online dating marketplace for buying and selling first dates. Based in Las Vegas, NV and built using a patent pending dating system (US Patent Pending: Application No. 61407831), provides a platform where generous and attractive singles can negotiate and agree on a price for a first date. Since its launch on March 29, 2011, the website has acquired over 120,000 users and has facilitated over 70,000 first dates.

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