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Ernest Hemingway's granddaughter transitions as the face of 'GUCCI' to feature films... The Truth About Angels

Pablo (Antonio Del Prete – M:13) is feeling trapped in his turbulent relationship with his wife (Monique Gabriela Curnen – The Dark Knight, Unusuals) when his oldest friend Kane (Simon Rex – Scary Movie 3, Rapper Dirt Nasty) turns up with an offer he can’t refuse. Together with Kane’s sidekick Ben G(Michael Azria – of the BCBG MAXAZRIA designer collection) Pablo is introduced into the exotic world of the ultra exclusive where the parties are legendary, the money extraordinary and the decadence knows no bounds. Intrigued by the mysterious Kristi (Dree Hemingway - Gucci model, great granddaughter of Ernest), Pablo faces temptation and becomes embroiled in the dark underbelly of the shiny world he once coveted…

Oct 11, 2011

Best Feature – Milan International Film Festival
Film Selection – New Directors
Nominee – Prism Awards
Film Selection – Portobello Film Festival
Film Selection – Ischia Film and Music Festival


Candice Accola (WB’s Vampire Diaries, Drop Dead Diva, Dead Girl, Juno)       

Michael Azria (Looney Tunes, L.I.E. Queen of the Damned, Boys Life)
Ashley Bell (The Last Exorcism, The United States of Tara, State of Play)
Monique Gabriel Curnan (Fox’s Lie to Me, Fast & Furious, Dark Night, Che)
Dree Hemingway (The Face of Gucci, Sex & A Girl, Gigantic, Greek)
Bobby Hosea (Fox’s Bones, Independence Day, 61, Lincoln Heights)
Antonio Del Prete (Mission Impossible II, Summerland/TV series, Frasier/TV series)
Simon Rex (Jack & Jill, Scary Movie 3&4, MTV VJ, Rise: Blood Hunter)  


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Award-winning LAST TRAIN HOME premiered Sept. 27 on PBS

POV's "Last Train Home" 

Goes Inside the Promise and Chaos of China's Booming Economy; Award-winning Film Premiered on PBS on Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2011; Film Streams Online Sept. 28 - Oct. 27

Watch the full episode. See more POV.
Every spring, China's cities are plunged into chaos as migrant workers travel home for the New Year. China's booming economy depends on the single largest migrant work force in the world: 240 million people who have left their homes and villages to seek work in urban factories.POV's Last Train Home takes viewers on a heart-stopping journey with the Zhangs,  a couple who left infant children behind for factory jobs 16 years ago, hoping their wages would lift their children to a better life. They return to a family growing distant and a daughter longing to leave school for unskilled work. As the Zhangs navigate their new world, this award-winning film paints a rich, human portrait of China's rush to economic development.

Lixin Fan's Last Train Home, winner of the Best Feature Documentary Award at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, has its national broadcast premiere Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2011 at 10 p.m. on PBS' POV (Point of View) series. (Check local listings.) The film will stream on POV's website, Sept. 28 - Oct. 27. POV will host a live online chat with the filmmaker on Wednesday, Sept. 28 at 1 PM ET.

Also Checkout PBS 

Lixin Fan (Director/Editor/Director of Photography)
Lixin Fan, based in Montreal, was born in China, where he grew up as his country was modernizing and rapidly integrating with the world. Starting off as a journalist with the national television broadcaster CCTV, he traveled the country and experienced first hand the inequality caused by China's rapid economic expansion.  

Last Train Home is his debut feature documentary as a director. In 2006, he worked as associate producer/soundman on the acclaimed documentary Up the Yangtze (POV 2008), about the world's largest hydroelectric project, China's Three Gorges Dam. The film won the Genie Award as Canada's top documentary feature. In 2003, he edited the Peabody Award-winning  To Live Is Better Than to Die, a breakthrough film on China's AIDS epidemic.

Last Train Home is a production of EyeSteelFilm in association with Telefilm Canada and the Rogers Group of Funds via the Theatrical Documentary Program.

Director: Lixin Fan             
Editors:  Mary Stephens, Lixin Fan
Director of Photography:  Lixin Fan
Camera: Shaoguang Sun
Producers: Mila Aung-Thwin, Daniel Cross
Executive Producer: Zhao Qi
Co-Producer: Bob Moore
Original Music: Olivier Alary
Total running time: 86:46

POV Series Credits:
Executive Producer: Simon Kilmurry
Co-Executive Producer: Cynthia López
Vice President, Production and Programming: Chris White
Series Producer: Yance Ford

David Van Eyssen's "RCVR" Episodes 1,2 & 3


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Claire London releases album during National Mental Health Awareness Week 10/11

Claire London Releases
"Like A Machine"
October 11
National Mental Health Awareness week

With a rock and roll edge and a powerhouse voice, Claire London combines deeply personal lyrics with haunting melodies, distorted bass lines, and bluesy rock and roll on her debut album, Like A Machine, set for release October 11, 2011.

London's intriguing personal aesthetic (a mix of haute couture and the Mad Hatter) is as unique as her sound, with musical influences ranging from Led Zeppelin to Portishead to The Black Keys, with a little Nine Inch Nails and Nina Simone in between.
"I am equally in love with and inspired by the raw heartbreak of the blues, the power and sexiness of rock and roll, and the experimental vulnerability of alternative," she said. "My dream was to create a hybrid of those sounds that represents who I truly am as an artist."

Recorded over the past year at the legendary Cutting Room Studios in New York City with producers Patrick Ermlich and Eshy Gazit, Like A Machine combines left of center guitar riffs, creepy synths, and haunting piano with exceptionally honest lyrics that follow London's journey of self-examination and introspection. It's an edgy diary that explores the twisted passageways of heartbreak, apathy, depression, escape, hope, love, and even madness.

"If I could live Like A Machine / with shiny parts and no heart strings / I'd give away all of my skin and bones / I would..." - from Like A Machine

"Claire really pushed herself as a lyricist on this album," said Ermlich. "A lot of the subject matter is very blunt and probably hard for her to put out there, but I think this is a record she really needed to make in order to heal."

Crediting her British parents for providing her with a diverse musical upbringing, London has been writing and performing since the age five. For her, Like A Machinerepresents a lifetime of passion and emotions that had been waiting for a release.

"I had such a specific aesthetic in mind, and I was really passionate about it," she said. "[Ermlich and Gazit] really believed in my talent and vision. They let me experiment and helped me bring Like A Machine to life."

Featuring legendary drummer Shawn Pelton, Eshy Gazit (bass, guitar) and Patrick Ermlich (guitar, piano) Claire London's Like A Machine will be released Fall 2011.
Contact Info:

Lily Golightly
The Outlet Music

Sarah Tracey Releases TELL NO ONE ......................TODAY

Sarah Tracey Releases Spy-Themed Debut Album 
"Tell No One"

                                                       September 27

For Immediate Release
September 27, 2011- Sarah Tracey was born with an adventurous spirit and flair for drama. Her family tree reads like something out of Indiana Jones: she was descended from Irish horse thieves and Mayflower crusaders; eccentric visionaries and aviation pioneers; scandalous headline-makers and submarine-dodgers; explorers and excavators (it was, after all, on an archeological dig in 1938 that her grandfather discovered one of the first dinosaur fossils in North America).
So, it’s no surprise that in dreaming up her debut full-length album, Tell No One, she slipped into the stiletto boots and fearless drive of a glamorous spy girl, writing dizzy fantasies of jet-setting around the globe and uncovering decadent and dangerous secrets along the way. Do you like Adele and Amy Winehouse? Transport them to the glamorous 1940s and you have Sarah Tracey.
Tell No One covers a decidedly bolder musical terrain than Sarah Tracey has ever dared risk until now. Inspired by the espionage film scores of the Cold War era- complete with a sexy vintage kick and a swingin’ horn section- it’s the perfect backdrop for sipping your martini while reaching for the dynamite in your boot heel, escaping a helicopter while swinging your vintage convertible out of a mountain curve, or an undercover fling into a seductress double agent’s lair. The sultry and sensual vocals that have become Miss Tracey’s trademark are ever-present, but the playful, sassy and empowered vibe owes just as much to Nancy Sinatra as it does Nina Simone.
‘Sitting on pianos and crooning torchy laments got a little boring,’ explains Tracey. ‘It was time to kick it up a notch. I took a chance on this album and just went for it...  I pushed myself out of that comfort zone. I wanted the listener to travel the world with me through their very own dreams and fantasies.’  She points out that ‘Spy’ genre was full of fun musical twists to play with. ‘We have everything represented here from action-packed high-energy retro grooves and surf guitar riffs, to tango and exotic Latin lounge beats, to jazz-inflected lullabies.’
Lyrically, the concept of the ‘secret identity’ took on a rich and emotionally resonant tone. “My lyrical inspiration for these songs was the duality of my two personalities: my controlled ‘everyday’ self vs. my reckless ‘by night’ self. I think a lot of people can relate to the feeling of having a secret, hidden side that you rarely show- just like a secret agent and their ‘cover’ identity.  You may not be travelling on missions to Budapest or Bali, but we all have secret lives.’
Partly funded by her fans, Tell No One was recorded live at legendary Sear Sound Recording in New York City, with sultry grooves provided by some of NYC’s favorite session players. Extra flash was brought in by a brass section straight from Broadway and backup vocals from her own team of Doo-Wop girls. A sexy, stylish, and soulful journey of intrigue through secret hotel rooms, mysterious penthouses, and soaring private jets, Tell No One will be released by Modern Vintage Recordings on September 27, 2011.

Contact Info :


Babymoons: Travel Tips for Expecting Parents

1. Travel During Your Second Trimester
This is the most comfortable part of your pregnancy. Hopefully morning sickness has passed and your growing belly isn't making you feel like you're coming apart at the seams. Keep in mind, however, that some cruise lines won't sell tickets to women who are pregnant beyond 24 weeks, so check out this comprehensive list of cruise line policies before booking.

2. Visit Child-unfriendly Locations
Find a location you won't visit when children are part of your family. For example, a Disney Cruise is easy to do with little ones, but a spa and shopping mall is next to impossible with a toddler. A two-hour flight is relatively easy with children, but a flight to Hawaii or overseas will bring parents to their breaking point.

3. Eat Together
Plan plenty of quiet meals with your partner and cherish those uninterrupted adult conversations. It gets significantly harder to have a relaxing meal when a toddler is throwing food and screaming at the dinner table.

4. Visit a Spa
During your second trimester, you can again indulge in a relaxing massage and planning this during the beginning of your babymoon will help set the tone for the rest of your trip. Pedicures are also great, since it will soon be increasingly difficult for you to reach your toes.

5. Use Gift Cards
Save on your babymoon costs and buy gift cards at a discounted rate for your airfare, hotel stay, dining, car rental and spa treatments. Sites like have hundreds of travel-related discount gift cards for purchase, from airlines to bed and breakfast websites. Remember to buy your gift cards a couple weeks in advance to account for order processing and mailing time.

6. Be Adult-only Active
Participate in adult-only activities, such as going to a movie, dancing the night away, visiting museums, catching a theater show, going to a sporting event, or eating in a nice restaurant. Basically, think of everything you would not do with a squirmy toddler in tow, then plan on doing those things. Read "8 Best Babymoon Trips" from Parents Magazine for destination ideas.

Delight in being adults; you have plenty of years ahead to enjoy being a kid with your kid. Take advantage of this time to do grown-up activities

Courtesy of:
Maisie Knowles(working mother of two with three-year's experience writing on parenting and partner issues)

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10 Ways Businesses Cater to Baby Boomers

1. Reading the Fine Print
Product packaging hasn't just gotten harder to open; it's also harder to read, with instructions and ingredient lists that look like mere ant tracks. According to AARP, CVS is dealing with this problem by attaching magnifying lenses to shelving units. The pharmacy chain also has increased natural-light wattage by uncovering windows.
Target, in turn, heard concerns about prescription labeling and increased type fonts to help customers avoid mistakes.
2. Garden Center Redesigns
Baby Boomers are big on gardening, but aren't too crazy about gravel-covered paths and narrow greenhouse aisles. According to Garden Center Magazine, the industry is moving towards friendlier access, including hard walking surfaces, wider aisles, tables that make picking up plants easier and white signs printed with black ink for clearer reading.
3. Accessible Online Shopping
The American Life Project found 69 percent of older Boomers (ages 56 to 64) buy online, more than any other generation. Merchants are catering to this by increasing website fonts so consumers with poor vision can more easily navigate online stores. Updated text-to-speech technology helps those with more serious sight problems by reading Web pages aloud.
Online shopping became more popular with aging Boomers when Amazon started the free shipping revolution in 2002. The trend has proven a boon to shoppers who find it difficult to navigate between stores. Free shipping codes bring prices as low, if not lower, than those for brick-and-mortar retailers. Examples include Boomer favorites like Coldwater Creek and Lands' End, clothing giants who offer free shipping on some, or all, orders.
4. More Online Reviews
According to a 2010 study by the Pew Center, older Boomers tend to research purchases more thoroughly, with 40 percent saying they rate products online before buying.
User reviews are an electronic replacement for this word-of-mouth generation, so e-retailers are catering to their preferences by providing opportunities for customer testimonials and highlighting positive reviews on home pages.
Technology retailer particularly caters to this audience according to Vice President of Marketing Bernard Luthi in an interview with Internet Retailer. "Older consumers called (customer support) more often than other age groups in advance of a purchase. They'd say: 'I want to understand more about the organization. Let me know who you are and what your return policy is.' They're still not as comfortable as a person in his mid-20s about shopping on the Web, but they are a smarter shopper. They ask for a lot more information up front."
5. Hard Landings
To make sitting and rising more graceful, high-end hotels are switching from soft, deep seating to higher and firmer chairs and couches. These same institutions, along with some banks, are replacing heavy, difficult-to-open doors with automatic ones.
6. Re-shelving
Stretching for the last-remaining box of bran and dipping down for a bulk bag are hard on the back and knees. According to the AARP magazine, both Walgreens and CVS have lowered shelving and reorganized items for easier access.
7. Urbanization of Rural Areas
As children flee the nest, more parents are migrating into rural areas. A 2009 study by the Department of Agriculture, however, indicated these Boomers will still want urban amenities, "such as proximity to health care...and walkable, active communities." Because many will prefer and eventually have to stop driving, they'll likely seek more condensed shopping formats that are closer to home.
As a result, areas like Colorado's Northern Front Range created land plans requiring developers include shopping and gas services within walking distance of each development. Retirement communities were also subject to the same regulations.
Walkability has become such an important factor that Zillow, an online real estate database, now rates the walkability of properties to retail and transit infrastructure.
8. Home-alone Servings
Household size in the 50-plus age range is shrinking, according to American Realty Advisors, leading manufacturers to reduce their package portions. Single-size and two-person servings are more readily available in drugstores and supermarkets. This is a move away from the super-sizing of the 1990s and should benefit stores that cater to this audience, including Trader Joe's and Whole Foods, as opposed to Costco or Sam's Club.
9. Non-agist Marketing
Baby Boomers work full-time, travel, care for parents and are far more active than the preceding generation. According to Nielsen, they're turned off by advertising that markets to age and decrepitude, so marketers are creating ads with an appeal for all ages. Talbot's, for example, traditionally sells clothing for older women, but their present marketing has a more youthful look and message.
10. Brain Games
The generation that made physical fitness a must is now pumping-up brain tissue to stave off the mental ills of aging. An entire industry has grown around this desire for mental calisthenics, sweeping major merchants like Target and Walmart into its wake.
While there's no end of controversy as to whether puzzles and brain games help slow down memory loss, Boomers are willing to give it a try. Much of this industry is related to board games, thought to slow the onset of dementia and Alzheimer's disease.
"Brain-fitness products generated $265 million in 2009, up from $225 million in 2008 and $100 million in 2005," said SharpBrains, a San Francisco-based market research firm, in an AARP interview. "Consumers account for about one-third of brain fitness industry sales, or $95 million in 2009. By 2015, the brain fitness market is projected to reach $1 billion."


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Don Gator Releases "Benedict Mauvais" Video

Multi-talented international model and musician, Don Gator,
 releases the video for his first single "Benedict Mauvais"

Director - George Salisbury
Producer - Dennis Hirdt
Line Producer - Alan Novey

Dennis Hirdt as Don Gator
Jonathon Stranger as Benedict Mauvais
Carime Lobo as Lady Lobo

Don Dudes - Justin Gild, Ben Rosenberg
Mauvais Posse - Patrick Clark, Alex Miller, Paula Martins,
Matt Dellapina
Mauvais Man - Jeff Chastain

Stylist - Mariko Ouchi
Gaffer - David McMurry
Hair - Jeff Chastain
Makeup - Jessie Riley
Nautical Coordinatation - Amity Lucas, Matt Lucas, Charlie Canavan
Pilot - Dave Whalen
Asst. Stylist - Eva Kenny

Locations - Surf Lodge, Montauk, NY; The Griffin, New York, NY; Hampton Bays, NY; Sag Harbor, NY

Concept by Dennis Hirdt & Jonathon Stranger

Song written by Dennis Hirdt & Jonathon Stranger
Produced by Justin Gild with Dennis Hirdt & Adam Harley

Amazon Considers E-Library, Plus Tips to Save on Books

 1., of Course
The retail giant's prices are often outstanding. For example, a paperback copy of "The Help," by Kathryn Stockett, is presently priced at just $8.80 and the Kindle edition is available at 60-percent off the list price, at $9.99.2. Barnes & Noble MarketplaceIt's sometimes a gamble buying from a Barnes & Noble reseller as you can't always be sure what you'll get, but the prices are stellar. New and used versions of "The Help" are presently available starting at $6.75, or 57-percent off the face value. Register for a Barnes & Noble free express shipping membership and buy a minimum $25 worth of books to save even more.3. FetchBook.infoThis free website allows you to search by title, author or ISBN for the cheapest price on any book. In just six seconds, found a copy of "The Help" priced at just $4 via eBay, a savings of 75 percent. If you're looking for a rare, out-of-print or international book, check out Go GutenbergProject Gutenberg was launched in 1971 by e-books inventor Michael Hart as a way of providing free digital access to the classics. Today, readers can download over 36,000 free e-books to PCs, Kindles, Androids, iOS or other portable devices.5. Knowledge for RentIf you're a compulsive reader but not much of a collector, renting via is a good option. Pay $9.99 per month and receive two books at a time with free shipping both ways.6. Swap or TradeIf your one of those people with a stack of books in every room, consider swapping or trading for unread books on websites like BooksfreeSwap or Chango Books. Each site offers free membership and the cost of doing business is limited to postage, paid for by the book recipient.7. Read and Return a la ParadiesThe Paradies Shops offers a unique program to book buyers on the go, allowing readers to return books at any shop location and receive 50% of the purchase price back. With over 500 shops in more than 70 airports and hotels across the U.S., this program is tailored to travelers who need to feed their reading addicition without taking up valuable luggage space.8. This Place Called the LibraryThis may come as a shock to some readers, but there are these places called libraries that allow you to borrow books and return them after reading. The selection and value of most libraries is tough to beat, plus the facility itself provides an excellent getaway when you're in need of some "me" time.


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