Monday, February 25, 2013

R&B/Pop Singer Maurice "Love, Life And Stereo" EP

Maurice is a singer/songwriter that completely embodies the freshness and originality that’s has been lackluster in today's music landscape. The Chicago, IL native is poised and ready to continue the rich history of Pop and R&B music that has come before him.  His soothing vocal tone is just as equally matched with the catchy melodies and creative story telling style that  comprise his songwriting abilities. His talent for songwriting has landed him the opportunity to write songs for a variety of artists such as the late hip hop rapper Heavy D, R&B crooner Mario , R&B songstress Chante Moore, emerging pop artist Jessica Ashley , and through invitation into songwriting camps for artists such as Jennifer Hudson, Rihanna, Luke James, and Jennifer Lopez.
Maurice's constant juggle between writing and his artistry has given him a chance to work with an array of producers. He has been able to create songs with the likes of some of the music industries best and the brightest  such as Chris Henderson (Jamie Foxx) , The Outsyders (Britney Spears, Keyshia Cole) , Fanatic (Beyonce),  JR Rotem (Sean Kingston, Jason Derulo),  and DemJointz (Rihanna, Christina Aguilera) to name a few. But now, he is ready to step from behind the pen and give you a look into his world with his upcoming EP “Love, Life, and Stereo".

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Yasiin Bey ( AKA Mos Def) is coming to the valley of Phoenix, AZ March 21st at Celebrity Theater. Yasiin Bey is currently on tour right now and making a few stops before Arizona and many more afterward, Yasiin's music is a reflection of many current issues today, among carried over from the past. Yasiin Bey has been used since '99 however it wasn't exposed to the public it was more private between family and friends! However he felt that the name "Mos Def" became too much commercial a product for consumers instead of a person generating music and thought provoking inspiration! So now he prefers to be called by Yasiin, and the meaning of the name is still a mystery but it steams from his personal reflection.Which he openly addressed back in January '12 You'll even notice in the credits of upcoming films among projects the fully recognized change in his name.You'll catch him with Talib Kweli  in their duo group called "Black Star" which was originally started back in '99, and now it's hitting Honolulu, Hawaii this March on the 23rd and the duo still has a mission lyrically among provoking inspiration. (


Black Star - Respiration  ft. Common 
Which was released back in '99 

Black Star - Definition 
back in 1998 was originally released 

However aside from music, Yasiin Bey is an amazing actor, and even more than that he's been involved in many social awareness issues that plague the nation. Using music  Yasiin Bey has touched from the moment he holds up a mic, opened minds from the lyrics that invoked the brain steaming the soul to crave change. The thoughts you would have just simply ignored brought to the the front page headlines of your very thoughts.

Furthermore this upcoming march AZ it's your turn to see the legendary icon Yasiin Bey live at celebrity theater! Also keep up with the latest on BLACK STAR alsp  Yasiin Bey facebook :  follow & Talib Kweli become a fan


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