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Brittnee Crowell  is the upcoming artist that is making soulful singing its comeback.  She is not only a fresh voice to music,but she is a refreshing wake up call that music has not lost its power. Creative singer is what they call her because no matter the song, her creative soulful tone takes over. She sings from her heart and soul and gives you a piece of her in every lyric. A humbled young women who is not afraid to pay her dues and work hard to get to the top of the mountain. This young women is what they game is crying for, and her voice reminds us that music can be beautiful and inspire again. Don't blink this young woman is going places and fast, she has had this dream since she was three and a half years old. She is not only going places but she is going to change the game as we know it!


I've been singing since I was three and half, it started off by humming then my mom would make me repeat notes after she sung it. And that's where it all began lol. I was raised in the church and I remember my first performance I did in front of my whole church, it was about 150 people. At that time I was five years old, and I sung like I was 15 meaning no fear at all. From there on singing has been a BIG part of my life. I sing ALL the time, its apart of my life, like breathing..I have to do it! My inspirations are a lot of old artist such as Aretha Franklin, Roberta Flack, Donny Hathaway, Luther Vandross and so many more..I guess that's why I have such a soulful voice. Right now I'm working on a CD, and hopefully working with a lot of great artist! I wake up with expectations that GREAT things can happen with the help of God. You can watch my videos on please comment, rate, and share my voice with the people you know. Thanks be blessed!


You can find her:


Senate Bill 1070

AZ senators recently passed a new immigration bill that has many Arizona's in a uproar. This bill has raised the flags on racial profiling on the Hispanic communities across Arizona. Many have already begun to protest this very race sensitive bill, and a lawsuit has already been filed against the bill.Many questions are now being asked concerning the deep distaste of this bill. This late April the Senate Bill 1070 better known as the prop 1070 has given law enforcements the right stop anyone who appears to be an illegal immigrant! This has also given the authorities the rights to demand citizenship from anyone they presume questionable! Now here is your chance to be heard loud and clear, and let the senators know how you really feel. 

 Contact Me Today!

We want to let the Government know how you feel and for or against I want to hear from you!

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Newest Mixtapes of 2010- What's your opinion?
Olivia - Olivia-Ed Lover (Intro)
2.Olivia - Take It Off (Remix)
3.Olivia - Control
4.Olivia - When Its Real
5.Olivia - Interview With Ed Lover
6.Olivia - In My Bedroom
7.Olivia - Lonely Girl
8.Olivia - I Got You
9.Olivia - Rub Me Up
10.Olivia - Get It In (Freestyle)
11.Olivia - Next 2 You
12.Olivia - Never Too Far
13.Olivia - Rich Dollaz Speaks
14.Olivia - Here We Go Again
15.Olivia - Mike Epps (Outro)

1.Red Cafe Intro
2.Lore'l - Welcome To The Movie
3.Lore'l - No Problems
4.Lore'l - Doin Me
5.Lore'l - Celebrities
6.Lore'l - Identity Theft
7.Lore'l - Its A Movie
8.Lore'l - You Need A Covergirl
9.Lore'l ft Red Cafe - Doin It Well
10.Lore'l - One Of Those Days
11.Lore'l - Gucci Louis Fendi
12.Lore'l - Forever
13.Lore'l ft Red Cafe - I Go Hard
14.Lore'l - Imma Be
15.Lore'l ft Ross Fortune - Good Stuff
16.Lore'l - Peace of Mind
17.Lore'l - Back To The Crib
18.Lore'l - Little Girl Lost
19.Lore'l - Turnt Out
20.Lore'l - Look Up In The Sky
21.Lore'l ft Red Cafe - Tap It

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Newest Videos of 2010- What's your opinion?

This year has brought many collaboration, new hot singles, and new artist. While many of our favorites made major returns. So here are the videos that are making major head way in 2010 the videos that are heating up the summer, making us fall back in love or simply giving us a reason to dance.
Speeding - Omarion 
The newest video off his album "Ollusion", We have all been there when love is slipping through or hands and by the time we notice it's too late. We try to find a way back in their hearts if it's not already too late, even trying to find out how we slipped from love, speeding back to the place where we once were again in love. This is a classic look in videos great job Omarion.

Tyga Ft. Chris Brown- G Sh*t
Yes these two are taking the music game by storm with their collaborations. We have heard for weeks now of a upcoming mixtape from these two entitled "Fan of a Fan" these two aren't anything to play with. They have raised the bar in music collaborations. However I have to warn you these lyrics aren't edited so not for the sensitive of ears. However the poolside video has you set for the summer and these two know how to kick it off right!

Game- Shake
The Game is dropping a major project in June, but he has released his new video called "Shake". Yes in the opening clips that is the beautiful and forever lovely Stacey Dash. There are many special guest appearance in this video, and once again the lyrics are not for everyone.

B.o.B ft. T.I & Playboy Tre- Bet I Bust
B.o.B is creating a buzz that cannot be silenced, and now with the King T.I. back it just adds more fire to this already hot track.The video is colorful and notice the fashion style on point and the track is hot! So look forward to hearing more greatness from B.o.B and the King T.I and Playboy Tre. I just hope the music game is ready for all that's to come.

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Ludacris Source Magazine Shoot from DTP TV on Vimeo.
This is the behind the scene  photo-shoot of Ludacris and DTP for Source Magazine. DTP was celebrating ten years in the game of creating amazing music. All the DTP family showed up to celebrate and be recognized in the Source Magazine issue. This issue will be coming out this may so keep your eyes out for this upcoming issue! Also to keep in the loop with Ludacris and the DTP family        

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Chris Brown & Friends Benefit Concert - Virgina Stand Up

May 15th is going to be one of the biggest concerts in Virgina. This concert is a fundraiser benefit for Haiti the money raised during the concert will go to aid those survivors . Chris Brown is hosting this benefit concert in his hometown of Virgina and he is bringing out some of the biggest names to help! The concert will be held at the VCU Siegel Centers Alltel Pavilion in Richmond, VA.  the tickets are on sale now.
Just to name a few artist taking center stage will be Keri Hilson, Trey Songz, Bow Wow, T-pain  and Manio, Mario and many more plus the  host Chris Brown will close the concert out. This benefit concert will serve multipurpose in one huge concert. The first being the process will go to the Red Cross to help aid in the relief for those survivors in the Haiti. Greater Richmond Chapter which also aids in the relief of Haiti survivors but also doubles to the aids as a local outreach for those in the community of Richmond. Then the Virgina Food Bank will also aid in The Call To Action with a food drive. So support the cause and help out by donating or attending every little bit helps out!


The moment is finally here, yes the video for the highly downloaded track "Holla @ Me" is here. Chris Brown & Tyga have teamed up to create pure magic. These two are the deadly music duo proving that music is not dead its being shook up! The black attire really set the tone for this video and the placement  in California of all places you can just feel the innovation and inspiration. Pure greatness for all the doubters of this team have just been proven wrong!

Now it would not be a video without the infamous dancing  and you can imagine how the fans felt that night being allowed to be on set. Tyga & Chris Brown the words just cannot touch what these two are doing to music and how they are shaking up the game. We will have to stay tuned to what is coming up next, but if this is just the start of what has to come I am afraid we are not ready! Now granted it's not what we are use to when it comes to Chris but different is good, he is proving he can do it all just give him the room!Not to mention the fashion if you noticed the Oakland Raider gear from the caps to the jackets. Not to mention the mixed match shoes fashion that really raised the bar to flashbacks and took you back to the criss cross days. So enjoy and sit back this is going to be a great ride!
Download Holla @ Me here:

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Rachel Fine - Behind The Music

Geneva: Rachel thanks so much for agreeing to this interview! How are you today?

Rachel : Getting better all the time!!! I'm doing great, Geneva. Happy to talk to you.

Geneva: Rachel for those that may need to be introduced to you. Can you introduce yourself?

Rachel: Sure, I'm a singer/songwriter from Brooklyn, NY & I do a blend of electronica & neo-soul- think Portishead meets Jill Scott.

Geneva: How did you get started in the music business?

Rachel: Music's been a part of my life as long as I can remember. I think it started becoming a "business" for me about two years ago when I began working on this album. At some point in your life you've gotta go big or go home, and this sound, this album, has been my big roll of the dice. Of all the music I've done, it's the project I stand most strongly behind.

Geneva: Now your debut album "Own your Own" what inspired that title?

Rachel: The album is really about honesty. About claiming who you are- the good and the bad. Owning it. I share a lot of myself on this album- I wrote all the lyrics and they're all true experiences from my life. As difficult as some of that is to fess up to, there is something freeing about tell the world "this is me- this is the truth of who I am". I think if everybody just owned up to themselves and stood proudly in who they were, we'd all be a little less effed up :) lol

Geneva: Your new released album is a combination of mixed genre's. From the 70's to hip hop what inspired you to do that?

Rachel: I worked with my producer and long-time friend Timothy Schletter on the vibe of this album. After we decided to explore a sound together, we pulled our influences and really tried to find something new that really resonated with us both. We definitely have a bit of a throw back sound- we get some Winehouse comparisons because of that, but there's a good amount of electronic and even subtle hip hop flavors in there.

Geneva: Now you work for Howard Stern what is that like?

Rachel: It's AMAZING. I was a fan for years before this opportunity came along, so it truly is a dream come true. I've never had more fun in my life.

Geneva: Now your a business women with many talents. Would you consider yourself a role model for young women today?

Rachel: It's a tough question- I work on a television show that's certainly not appropriate for children, so I wouldn't want them watching! But, on a personal level, I think all young women would benefit from finding the truth in themselves and "owning" it, as I do through my music. I know what it's like to go through tough teenage years. More than anything, I hope that in the brutal, embarrassing honesty of my lyrics, young girls will feel like someone understands them and that it's ok to be less than perfect.

Geneva: The Bonus Show on Howard TV how did that get started?

Rachel: I auditioned last October, we shot the pilot in November, got picked up in December and started filming in January! The rest is history :)

Geneva: Now what advice would you give to young women trying to break into the industry?

Rachel: It really is about persistence and an unwavering belief in yourself. People will discourage you and haters will dismiss you, but it's the people who don't give up, who relentlessly push forward that really succeed. Don't be afraid to go hard. Don't hold back. Put blinders on and visualize what you want.

Geneva: What do you think is the biggest mistake upcoming women in the industry?

Rachel: Well, for women specifically, I think it's easy to mistake a gatekeeper's advances. Guys in positions of power will try to promise you the world in hopes of intimacy. Women who fall for that never get anywhere. Not only that, if you think you need to sleep with someone to be successful, you're really betting against your own talent and abilities. You're telling yourself you can't make it on your own merits. Keep your wits about you and run your business like a business.

Geneva: Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?

Rachel: You know, Geneva, if I looked that far ahead, I think I'd get overwhelmed. When I started making this album, I couldn't think about printing and distribution and licensing a finished product. I just sat with my best friend Tim and found a cool groove to our first song. I think you just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other towards what feels good and trust that you'll get there.

Geneva: The Song "Potential" (which is available on i-tunes now) how did this track come about?

Rachel: The song "Potential" is about falling in love with who someone COULD be, rather than who they actually are. My ex had so many amazing qualities and I saw the best in him, who he could be if he just tried a little harder. But ultimately, there comes a point where you have to accept someone for who they choose to be. That's what this verse is about:

Now I see I'm loving
The shadow of a man
Strong and picture perfect
It appears against the land
But what is your potential if
It never comes to light
Can't see a shadow
When day turns to night.

Geneva: When it comes to song, how do you know it's a hit?

Rachel: I'm actually not that concerned about whether it's a hit or not. I'm concerned with the integrity of the lyrics, a groove that makes me move a little and an overall excited sense of YESSSSSS!!!!!!!! If I'm vibing on it, I know there are other people out there who will feel me. I would rather have a long term, loyal group of fans who truly understand who I am and what I'm trying to say than put out huge club-bangers that don't represent me.

Geneva: Who would you like to collaborate with music wise?

Rachel: EMINEM! His rhythms are SICK. I don't think there's a lyricist or rapper out there that can do what he does. I love the Dido collab for Stan and I think my music would be an amazing fit. Em, if you're listening, call me :)

Geneva: Can you take us through a Rachel Fine day?

Rachel: Wow. Tough one. So unpredictable! I left "Corporate America" a year and a half ago to go full time in the entertainment field, so I'm working longer, harder hours now for myself than I ever did before. Here's a "typical" day: Up at 8:30 to put a couple hours in at the gym. Morning coffee and at least an hour of social networking stuff (I try to respond to everyone on twitter, fb, myspace, youtube, etc). Following up with new radio stations that want to add our music to their rotation, doing print and phone interviews, sending off press kits to people who need them. Shopping for wardrobe, either for a concert or for Stern that week. Meeting with my publicist. Working on next week's Stern scripts or writing my blog. Band reheasals OR a show at night. Editing the video or audio footage from the last show. Impromptu meetings with various important people who seem to pop up out of nowhere everyday and need to meet with 20 minutes notice. Another hour at the gym, a good hour of super crappy reality tv, asleep at 1am. That's actually a pretty good representation of my life 7 days a week.

Geneva: If you could describe yourself in one word. What would it be and why?

Rachel: Driven, definitely. I don't stop. If I want something, I will find a way to get it done.

Geneva: Rachel thanks again for agreeing to this interview. Is there anything you would like to say before we go? Also don't forget to tell us and your fans where to find you!

Rachel: The best place to find out what's going on is . Geneva, thanks so much for taking the time to talk. I hope some new people will check out the tunes! I think if you really spend time with my music, you'll find there's something genuine there to connect to. I'm so appreciative of my fans and so thankful for the opportunity to share myself through such a creative medium. Thanks for listening :)

 Places to Rachel Fine (German fansite)

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Tired of the same clubs, tired of the same music, and atmosphere? 
Well Welcome to Club Afterlife and I am your VIP guide. 
You want in to the Hottest club, you want to be on the LIST?
Contact me and I'll get you on the list to the Hottest Club in AZ. 
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Dress Codes 
Club Attire 
Ladies heels to thrill and NO jeans , NO tennis  shoes
Dress To Impress & Upscale all the details! 
Fellas NO tennis shoes, NO jeans, NO sagging 
Dress to Impress and keep it Flawless 

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You want to hit the hottest spot in AZ for the weekend? You want to know where to go, where you should be seen, and where the music is hot and the atmosphere is even hotter? Hurricane Bay is the hot spot to be, with Signature drinks, VIP services everyone is a superstar! Hurricane Bay if your not here you should be, and Friday night may never be the same again for you!


 Club Myst where the doors are open and fun is unlimited! They cater to the imagination of wildness while taming the craziness of a week gone by! VIP booths, VIP balconies you name it they got it, you want it they provide it to you. Where VIP is not just three letters but the meaning of service!


When it comes to parties nobody does it better then Afterlife! The Scottsdale club that is too hot to handle so make sure your ready for the heat! Where every room has a theme and the upscale bar is raised to another level. Signature drinks, and VIP tailored services make sure your next big event is here at the Afterlife!

Want your club in the Hot Spot list?
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Are prepared for the B2B ultimate mixer? If you haven't reserved your spot by now it might be too late, seeing how this is the first annual Mix Down Party. Your chance to meet up with some of the biggest stars, PR, managers, an many more well accomplished industry names. However if you don't register, make the plans and take advantage of this major opportunity you just might miss out! For those who don't know B2B stands for Back 2 Business. Getting back on track with your goals and making the money you should, this  movement was produced and created by Lisa Raye herself. She discovered the will and drive to get Back 2 Business. This first annual meet up will take place in the beautiful tranquil Puerto Rico for Memorial Day weekend!

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Janelle Mona`e Featuring Big Boi - Tight Rope

Lottery Ticket - Newest Motion Picture Coming out Soon

'Lottery Ticket' Trailer


Imagine your whole life changing by numbers! We have all played the lottery at some point, or gambled putting it all on the line. Then right when you think it's another wasted moment in time, you win your numbers are picked. In a blink your life has changed what would you do?

Well Bow Wow plays "Kevin Carson" a young man who experiences just this. A ordinary young man, the nice guy, who lives in the projects. Plays the lottery and wins $370 million dollars just like that and all of a sudden he goes from a nobody to a somebody! But the question is how far will people go for money, and how will money change those who never had it before? So enjoy this movie its going to be hilarious, touching, and just a plain good time!


Fashion + Innovation+Music = Nikera Clothing
Interview By: Geneva Relf

Geneva: Thanks again for agreeing to this interview!

Nikera Clothing: Oh no problem Geneva! I love what you are doing within the industry. I am honored.

Geneva: Now can you introduce the world to Nikera Clothing, and what sets it apart from other clothing lines?

Nikera Clothing: NIKERA CLOTHING was created for fashionable Trendsetters like myself. Brightly colored skirts for women and unique graphic tees for men. Nikera Clothing is for individuals who are extremely comfortable in their own skin and for those who like to stand out and make fashion statements among peers. Nikera Clothing also promotes young American Artists from all genres via our clothing. By allowing them a chance to become the face of our collection in order to increase their fan base! We stream music and videos on the website 24/7 to raise awareness.

Geneva: Who are the creators of this amazing line?

Nikera Clothing: I built the line myself. From the ground up!

Geneva: When it comes to fashion trends, what is the one trend that should never make a comeback?

Nikera Clothing: Hmm that is hard to say. I thought I would never see acid washed jeans or suspenders again but they showed up on the scene again. If I had to choose I guess it would be Capri Pants. If done with a retro twist I can handle, but too many women and men rocked this trend casually and I just did not like it all.

Geneva: Now I understand you're working on a new campaign for the summer can you tell us a little bit about what is coming up?

Nikera Clothing: We are releasing free tees to select kids nationwide, mostly city socialites, fashion bloggers,and Artists. We are asking everyone to rock their NIKERA CLOTHING Tee in the streets of their city in a new and creative way. The images they submit will be posted on our website for the entire summer. We thought it would be a cool way to show our appreciation to our customers, fans, and followers by allowing them to bless our walls of the website!

Geneva: When it comes to fashion what are the key elements to putting together that perfect outfit?

Nikera Clothing: SHOES. The more outrageous and different the better. That is the only item of clothing you should really invest money in. Too many women and men spend hundreds on the top, bottom, and bag. In reality, people only envy your footwear. You can purchase a $300 pair of designer pumps and spend $24 on your NIKERA CLOTHING Tee and $60 on the funky skirt  and you will look like you stepped out of VOGUE!

Geneva: Nikera Clothing how did that name come about?

Nikera Clothing: My childhood nickname is Nikki. I wanted to create my own Era of I created Nikki's Era *NIKERA*

Geneva: When it comes to being a designer what is the hardest part?

Nikera Clothing: Knowing the business side of the house. You can quickly lose focus and your creativity if you spend too much time on the business side, but you can also lose control if you spend too much time designing. There is definitely a balance that has to take place. I thought all I had to do was sit at home and sketch and do fabric choices, but I quickly learned that the business aspect is just as important if not more important. Designers don't fail because of the designs. They fail because of the lack of marketing, branding, press, etc. These areas are extremely important and you will need to know exactly how this process works in order to be successful. I have to know everything. So I research the jobs of Marketing Directors, Publicists, Accountants, and Lawyers.

Geneva: Where can we find Nikera Clothing?

Nikera Clothing: Right now we are exclusively online only. Store Locations coming soon!

Geneva: Did you always want to be in the fashion industry?

Nikera Clothing: Yes, I sketched as a little girl. I was always drawing pictures of women in colorful dresses and hats. It is something that has always been in me. As an adult you lose focus and you forget about those dreams and talents. You replace them with things that are safe and secure like corporate and government jobs. I wanted to live again. I wanted to attempt to live out my dreams and fantasies, so I just went for it!

Geneva: What is next for Nikera Clothing?

Nikera Clothing: Hmm good question! This year I want to focus more on marketing and branding. I am working on getting the apparel in the hands of high profile stylists and individuals within the TV Network. Don't be surprised if you catch us on a few MTV shows and videos this summer. The whole movement is fed off of FASHION+MUSIC so the possibilities are endless!

Geneva: Thanks again for this opportunity to interview you. Is there anything you would like to say before we go?

Nikera Clothing: I have three amazing proteges right now. These young women are from three different cities but they all love and adore the fashion industry. I just want to say to all of the young women and men...FOLLOW YOUR HEART AND DREAMS! You can be anything you can imagine! I am a living witness of that! Take advantage of social media and connect with designers and people you wish to be one day. There are tons of great people in this industry who will give you an opportunity if you just ask and take the time to reach out. Other than that, thank you again Geneva for this lovely interview. I wish you the very best Sis! God Bless.
Nicholette Moore
CEO/Head Designer

Lil Dee "The Future of New Orleans" Interview

Geneva: Lil Dee how have you been? Thanks again for agreeing to this interview.
Lil Dee: I've been good just working hard, thanks for having me again.
Geneva: Now April 4th I am just going to jump in. Roger That Easter Sunday at the Precinct hosted by Tyga how did this happen?
Lil Dee: The Tyga show fell threw by one of the promoters that's throwing the show liking my music, they reached out and asked if I wanted to open up the show .
Geneva: Your labeled "The future for New Orleans" is that a lot of pressure?
Lil Dee: Nah, not really because I didn't just give myself the name the people did,so Its motivation and a honor that people would even consider me the future of the New Orleans music.

Geneva: I fell in love with "City Lights" how did the video and song come about?
Lil Dee: The song came about I heard the beat in the studio one night and instantly started writing to it, its just one of them songs where as soon as you hear it you get a vision for the song. After the song was done I got together with CRG films who shoots my videos and came up with a plot and put it all together.
Geneva: 2010 is looking beyond bright for you. Can you tell us what upcoming projects you have coming up?
Lil Dee: Right now im focused on my mixtape series I'm doing where I'll be dropping a new tape every few months starting April 20. Also I'm in the works of being involved with a tour cant speak on it too much but its going be MAJOR so keep a look out.
Geneva: Who does Lil Dee want to collaborate with in the future or even near present?

Lil Dee: At the moment I would have to say Kanye West ,and just a bunch of producers too many to name lol.
Geneva: "Addicted" the freestyle where does that creativity come from?

Lil Dee: The "Addicted" song is a Ryan Leslie track I always liked so for this new "The Spokesman"  mixtape
  I did a freestyle over the beat. Which I leaked and it picked up a buzz so we shoot a video for it at Tulane unvi. in New Orleans, which came out dope shot by CRG films.
Geneva: "Grammy Family" Freestyle the video and track how did that come about?
Lil Dee: "Grammy Family" is another freestyle I did for "The Spokesman" mixtape which I had a blast shooting the video for it..We shot it just walking around downtown New Orleans, a lot people was involved in putting this one together .
Geneva:  In a phrase how would you describe yourself?

Lil Dee: "How work pays off" lol I feel like over the years with my career I'm just progressing so all the work I been putting in haves its rewards in the end.
Geneva: Now the ladies are going to want to know. Is Lil Dee "God's Gift" taken or still a free agent?
Lil Dee: Lol right now I'm free agent !!
Geneva: What does Lil Dee do to relax after a show?

lil Dee: After a show I probably just go find a spot to sit in and eat talk about the show relax and just have a good time.
Geneva: The Crescent City College tour how did that go?
Lil Dee: The tour only ended up being two shows so far their still working on dates for it but stay posted to for the upcoming dates.
Geneva: Well Thanks again Lil Dee you know your my favorite. So is there anything you would like to say to your fans before we go? Also don't forget to tell us where to find you!
Lil Dee: I wanna thank you Geneva for the interview! Also all the people who support Lil Dee And Zone Gang we appreciate the love! Check me out @ or




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