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Netflix Raises Prices: Keep Your Cash With 8 Alternative Options

The Netflix Changes
Here are the basics of the Netflix changes. Instead of having DVD rentals and streaming movies priced together, each portion will be priced as a separate plan. For most users, this will increase the monthly bill by $6-10. Price changes will take effect September 1.

Customer Backlash
Understandably, cash-strapped consumers are not thrilled about price increases. The official blog post announcing Netflix's changes has generated more than 12,000 comments. Most appear to be current subscribers pledging to cancel their subscription.

More Than the Price
On the surface, $6 doesn't seem like an outrageous amount, but customers are hurt about more than the money. Many who've been with Netflix from the start feel their loyalty has been betrayed. Disgruntled loyalists would like prices to stay as they are for current subscribers with increased rates only for new subscribers.

Not Enough Bang for the Buck
Another customer gripe is that the product doesn't justify the higher price. Subscribers have complained the streaming movie selection is lacking. They contend new material is not added often enough and many times the streaming video quality is poor.

Switching to the Competition
The price increases by Netflix are encouraging many users to give the competition a try. Redbox is one of the most popular alternatives, with $1 rentals and locations in just about every neighborhood. Amazon Instant Video is another popular choice. Streaming new releases are typically $3.99 to rent for a 48 hour period.

Price Increase Reasoning
Even though Netflix subscribers are in an uproar, the company isn't entirely to blame. When Netflix started their streaming service, studios who own the movies didn't realize the potential for profits. With the surge in streaming media popularity, studios want to charge a premium for their content. One expert has predicted Netflix's content licensing costs will increase from $180 million in 2010 to $1.98 billion in 2012.
If you don't want to pay these increased costs, here are a few alternatives to help you keep your cash.

DVD Exchange With Friends
Do you have a shelf full of DVDs you just can't bring yourself to watch again? Get a few friends or co-workers in on a movie exchange. Trade movies one for one and trade back when you're all done watching.

Rent From the Library
With the demise of local video rental stores, finding releases from a few years back is growing increasingly difficult. Renting movies from the library can help you track down many titles not available from Redbox. Even better, the rentals are free!

Discount Gift Cards
Going to see a movie in the theatre isn't exactly a steal, but there are some ways around high prices. Popular cinemas like AMC and Regal both have more than 100 discounted gift cards available at

Matinee Movies
If you work a 9-5, matinee movies may be out of your reach, but they make for another way to beat high prices. Tickets cost much less and you don't have to deal with the massive crowds you find in the evening.

Neighborhood Movie Night
Consider going in with a group of neighbors and investing in a backyard movie set-up. Hopefully, someone already has a projector they're willing to share. All you need then is a screen. Inflatable, outdoor projection screens can easily be found online for less than $200. This tip might not save a ton of money, but it can help a whole group of people stop paying their money to Netflix.

Free Screenings
Plenty of filmmakers just want their movie to get seen. College campuses are great resources for finding free screenings. Many towns also offer free showings of classic films at parks throughout the summer. A local paper is a good way to find out if there are any offerings in your area.

Get Outside
The natural world was here before streaming Netflix and it will certainly be here long after. Take the money you'd spend on movies and invest it in a national parks pass. The cost is only $80 for one year and it gets you and anyone in the car with you into more than 2,000 sites across the country.

Dial Into Daily Movie Deals
Deal of the day sites like Groupon and LivingSocial occasionally offer discounted movie theater tickets for as little as $2 per person. That's a pretty cheap movie night outing and well worth the price. Just make sure to skip the popcorn and candy - your wallet and waist will thank you.

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Tom Schanley on set with Roma Downey.  
"Keeping Up With the Randalls" 
premieres on the Hallmark Channel, 
Saturday July 16, 2011 at 9/8c (check local listings)

For Immediate Release:
July 12, 2011


(July 12, 2011) Los Angeles - On Saturday, July 16th, actor Tom Schanley returns to television to star opposite Roma Downey, Marion Ross, Kayla Ewell and Thad Luckinbill in the Hallmark Channel Original Movie "Keeping Up with the Randalls." Schanley plays Doug Randall.

Budding designer Alicia Crosby (Kayla Ewell) must earn the approval of her boyfriend's family and she must do so under the pressures of their annual athletic extravaganza. Alicia is a hugely successful children's fashion designer based in Los Angeles.  Her personal life is equally successful as Alicia suspects her boyfriend, Will Randall (Thad Luckinbill), is going to pop the question any day now. But first, Alicia must survive meeting Will's family, which means getting down and dirty in their annual "Randall Reunion Races," where she is up against everyone from Will's dad, Doug (Schanley) and mom, Barb (Roma Downey), to seemingly sweet Grandma Dorrie (Marion Ross), to even Will's ex-girlfriend, Kris (McKenna Jones). 

It is no surprise to anyone, Alicia included, that she is not up to the athletic challenges. 

"Keeping Up With the Randalls," premieres Saturday, July 16, 2011 at 9/8c (check local listings) on the Hallmark Channel Network. 


Tom Schanley has most recently been found playing both sides of the law: An ICE officer in the Chris Weitz (Twilight Saga) film "A Better Life" and a hit-man chasing down Mel Gibson and stolen money in "How I Spent My Summer Vacation."Schanley, whose chops have  landed him principal and lead roles in television series and motion pictures, is best known for his work as the drug dealer, Ricky, on "Dexter," the self sacrificing Evan Abby on "Criminal Minds" as well as his roles in "CSI:NY," "CSI: Miami," "Without a Trace" and many more.  He was recently seen on "Castle" as William Carraway in "The Mistress Always Spanks Twice."  Schanley has had the privilege of working with some of the cinematic icons of our time:  Academy Award winning director Ed Zwick and Denzel Washington in "Courage Under Fire," as well as Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts in "Conspiracy Theory," among others. He is also an exceptionally talented writer and producer of the independent film "The Hard Easy" with Vera Farmiga, David Boreanaz, Bruce Dern & Peter Weller. 

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Carlos with NBA players George Hill & Zach Randolph

The Basketball Court General 
Interview With: Geneva Relf 

Carlos as an assistant coach for the Indiana Fever
Geneva: Mr. Knox first off I would like to say it's my honor to interview you. How are you doing today? 
Carlos Knox: I am doing well and yourself? Thanks for taking the time for this interview. 

Geneva : I'm doing fantastic and it's my honor. Mr. Knox you specialize in the training of athletes for the WNBA and NBA. What do you think are the most important fundamentals every athlete should learn? 
Carlos Knox: Most important as an athlete you must be in GREAT condition, from the jump we instill this in all athletes. We then use their excellent conditioning to build upon. 

Geneva: You have experienced many sides of the court from player to coach now trainer, what has been your most difficult lessons you have learned throughout your career? 
Carlos Knox: As a coach, the most difficult lesson is making sure you don’t put all your time and effort into something that does not benefit your athletes. It is all about keeping them ready to practice and play at all times. If you put large amounts of time into something that turns out to be a failure it is very disappointing. 

Carlos with WNBA star Tamika Catchings
Geneva: The Indy Pro Am Basketball League how did that get started and what is the vision for the future? 
Carlos Knox: Getting started I trained a number of the players individually and the guys wanted some 5-on-5 runs to get in game shape, so I put together some games and brought in professional referees. From there it just grew and began to take off. My vision for the Indy Pro-A, overall is to get to the point where we have a larger percentage of NBA players and top draft pick college players. We are currently NBA sanctioned and I am hoping to partner with the NBA in some capacity to grow this into a working relationship where they have an involvement. 

Geneva: What are your predictions for this upcoming season teams, with the draft of new players and new champions, and lockout talk where do you think the NBA  is headed? 

Carlos Knox: With the lockout situation aside, I think this years draft picks are good for the league, while the league is heading in a great direction, more importantly Indiana is producing some great athletes who will have a huge impact on the league for years to come. 

Carlos giving Indiana Pacer George Hill advice
Geneva: What are the advantages verse disadvantages for athletes that choose to take the Pro Am Basketball League training verse those who choose not to? 
Carlos Knox: The players that are participating in the Indy Pro Am Summer League are afforded the opportunity to stay active and stay in tip top shape, this allows them to play against other players who are of the same caliber. Many guys are in local gyms, but not playing players who are on the same level. The disadvantages are not being able to get yourself truly prepared for the upcoming season, a lot of guys are benefiting from it and if you are not playing then you are being left out. If you are in the area it is the best thing going! 

Geneva: Based off all your years of expertise what is the greatest piece of advice you can give, that maybe you wish was given to you years ago? 
Carlos Knox: For the younger athletes it is the educational piece just making sure you get that, it is so important! As for athletics first you must find what you are good at then focus on making that better. Then also as important is find your deficiencies and constantly work on those. "You are only as good as your weakness." 
Carlos & G Hill with the George Hill Rising Stars AAU Team
Geneva : Thanks again Mr.Knox your truly an inspiration to many on and off the court. Is there anything you would like to add before we go or anything about the Pro Am Basketball League  you would like to add? 
Carlos Knox: First of  all thanks so much Geneva for this interview. The Indy Pro Am Summer League is going in the direction we want it to go in, I just want to truly thank everyone that is involved in the league without you it would not be possible. Also, we do have a few sponsorship options still available.

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Andrea Rouse 
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