Friday, April 2, 2010

Lil Dee "The Future of New Orleans" Interview

Geneva: Lil Dee how have you been? Thanks again for agreeing to this interview.
Lil Dee: I've been good just working hard, thanks for having me again.
Geneva: Now April 4th I am just going to jump in. Roger That Easter Sunday at the Precinct hosted by Tyga how did this happen?
Lil Dee: The Tyga show fell threw by one of the promoters that's throwing the show liking my music, they reached out and asked if I wanted to open up the show .
Geneva: Your labeled "The future for New Orleans" is that a lot of pressure?
Lil Dee: Nah, not really because I didn't just give myself the name the people did,so Its motivation and a honor that people would even consider me the future of the New Orleans music.

Geneva: I fell in love with "City Lights" how did the video and song come about?
Lil Dee: The song came about I heard the beat in the studio one night and instantly started writing to it, its just one of them songs where as soon as you hear it you get a vision for the song. After the song was done I got together with CRG films who shoots my videos and came up with a plot and put it all together.
Geneva: 2010 is looking beyond bright for you. Can you tell us what upcoming projects you have coming up?
Lil Dee: Right now im focused on my mixtape series I'm doing where I'll be dropping a new tape every few months starting April 20. Also I'm in the works of being involved with a tour cant speak on it too much but its going be MAJOR so keep a look out.
Geneva: Who does Lil Dee want to collaborate with in the future or even near present?

Lil Dee: At the moment I would have to say Kanye West ,and just a bunch of producers too many to name lol.
Geneva: "Addicted" the freestyle where does that creativity come from?

Lil Dee: The "Addicted" song is a Ryan Leslie track I always liked so for this new "The Spokesman"  mixtape
  I did a freestyle over the beat. Which I leaked and it picked up a buzz so we shoot a video for it at Tulane unvi. in New Orleans, which came out dope shot by CRG films.
Geneva: "Grammy Family" Freestyle the video and track how did that come about?
Lil Dee: "Grammy Family" is another freestyle I did for "The Spokesman" mixtape which I had a blast shooting the video for it..We shot it just walking around downtown New Orleans, a lot people was involved in putting this one together .
Geneva:  In a phrase how would you describe yourself?

Lil Dee: "How work pays off" lol I feel like over the years with my career I'm just progressing so all the work I been putting in haves its rewards in the end.
Geneva: Now the ladies are going to want to know. Is Lil Dee "God's Gift" taken or still a free agent?
Lil Dee: Lol right now I'm free agent !!
Geneva: What does Lil Dee do to relax after a show?

lil Dee: After a show I probably just go find a spot to sit in and eat talk about the show relax and just have a good time.
Geneva: The Crescent City College tour how did that go?
Lil Dee: The tour only ended up being two shows so far their still working on dates for it but stay posted to for the upcoming dates.
Geneva: Well Thanks again Lil Dee you know your my favorite. So is there anything you would like to say to your fans before we go? Also don't forget to tell us where to find you!
Lil Dee: I wanna thank you Geneva for the interview! Also all the people who support Lil Dee And Zone Gang we appreciate the love! Check me out @ or



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