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Ross Bagley from 90's Child star to Adult limelight Exclusive Interview

Ross Bagley from 90's Child star to Adult limelight
Exclusive Interview With : Geneva Relf 

Geneva: Ross Bagley thanks so much for taking the time out for this interview, first off how are you doing today?

Ross Bagley: No problem, the pleasure’s all mine. I’m doing well though, no complaints, How about your self?

Geneva: I’m fantastic thank you. Now we all know and fell in love with your charm off "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air". Where you played Nicholas "Nicky" Banks can you tell us what that experience did for your life and career?

Ross Bagley: It was a huge blessing, Fresh Prince was, and still is one of my favorite shows as a child, even way before I was on it. I remember when it used to come on Monday Nights and I would watch it with my babysitter when I was a little tyke so to be on it was surreal to say the least.

Geneva: Mr. Bagley you have mastered both television and the silver screen, in your opinion, which do you, prefer and where can we see you next?

Ross Bagley: To be completely honest I don’t have a preference. Each has its own perks, while television is really cool because of the steadiness of work, and gratification of a finished product every week, film also has its benefits like the possibility of being apart of something huge, that will most likely be seen in international markets.  Currently I’m attending college at California State University Northridge and plan to get my Cinema and Television Arts degree in the spring. I hope to produce films and television after that, but don’t be surprised if you see me creep across your TV screens in the meantime.

Geneva: You have worked with some amazing actors among actresses in your childhood acting years, from Will Smith in both "The Fresh prince of Bel-Air" and "Independence Day" with Vivica A. Fox. "Eye for an Eye" starring Sally Fields, Ed Harris, Beverly D' Angelo to name a couple. Looking back were you nervous at all with any of your major roles with these actors?

Ross Bagley: No, not really nervous. My mom was always in my corner and seeing her in the background really helped to make me feel comfortable and confident when doing my scenes. Plus I was a little guy so I didn’t know much better.

Geneva: However you took a break from acting, and even attend college. What has your life been like away from the limelight?

Ross Bagley: It’s been great! I can’t complain at all. Luckily I don’t validate myself by the amount of attention I get so I can’t say that there’s any void or empty space in my life since I haven’t been on television. I’ve got a wonderful girlfriend of a few years who holds me down and a team of family and friends who support me like none other so I’m in a great place right now.

Geneva: Many childhood stars are often followed by their child star roles. Do people still look at you as little "Nicky" from "The Fresh prince of Bel-Air" or "Buckwheat" from "The little Rascals" and if so what are your feelings on that?

Ross Bagley: Like you wouldn’t ever imagine. I’ve been teased endlessly about Buckwheat, not so much Fresh Prince. But I take it in stride because most of the people who might have something to say are actually fans of my work so it’s actually a compliment. Plus I have a pretty smart mouth so I can tag them back pretty easily if it gets too crazy.

Geneva: Now being all grown up what roles are you looking to playing now that you’re back in the acting world?

Ross Bagley: I’d love to be apart of a comedic ensemble. That is always a lot of fun, and the environment on set is way more laid back and lighthearted. Which always makes me feel extremely comfortable!

Geneva: At a young age you have already worked with so many great talents in Hollywood. Who are you looking forward to working with now not just actors but maybe directors, writers, even comics?

Ross Bagley: I’d love to work with Zach Gallifinakis and Todd Phillips. I’m a huge fan of Kevin Hart, Katt Williams, and Mike Epps. On the dramatic side I’d like to work with Spike Lee, John Singleton or even Quentin Tarantino, and how could I forget Denzel because who doesn’t want to work with Denzel.

Geneva: True very we all love Denzel Washington. Being all grown up has your view on acting changed, and if so in what way? 

Ross Bagley: I have a far greater appreciation for it now. It truly is an art form. It is more about the subtleties of ones expressions and inflections. There has to be a great balance of energy to make a good actor/actress, one step too over the top or one step shy of the energy needed can be the difference between a good actor and a bad one.

Geneva: However, now approaching the limelight, fame and the projects to come how is Ross Bagley preparing himself?

Ross Bagley: The only way I can truly prepare is by remembering to maintain the core values and principles that my family has instilled in me thus far. I made a promise to myself a long time ago to never change my personality regardless of successes or lack there of. My heavenly father has gotten me this far and I have no reason to expect him to stop now.

Geneva: I have had a blast interviewing you, and thanks again for agreeing and your time. Is there anything you would like to add before we go, and also where can the fans find to keep in contact with all your latest?

Ross Bagley: Thanks so much it’s been great, and they can all follow me on twitter @bossragley and I’ll make sure to keep everyone posted on what’s good with me. Thanks so much!

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