Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Khaliah Clark Interview


This is the insight view to fashion, the industry, and the business from the women who is Heading beyond the stars. She's been in the fashion industry since 1999 and has worked with some of the biggest names! However her humbleness, honesty, and blessed talent for fashion and insight makes her a hit. It's an honor and privilege to say that I have interviewed her! She has accomplished so much but in her words "I'm no where near done or where I want to be in my career." Khaliah comes from a very talented family, and she is paving the way not only for them but those she believes in as well. I was nervous interviewing a women has not only accomplished so much in her career but that is so humble about her blessings. Make sure you look out for "Diary of a Fashion Stylist" the show that will give you the deepest insight to the world of glam. I appreciate the opportunity that Khaliah has given me the chance to interview her and the wisdom she provided we all need to hear!

Khaliah Clark Services
Celebrity Fashion Stylist
Image Consultant
Costume Designer  
Product Placement Diva
Event Coordinator 


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