Saturday, May 4, 2013

Looking Your Summer Best: Interview with Trainer Guru George aka Hit

When Fitness Meets Passion 
Interviewee:  George AKA Hit
Interviewer: Geneva Relf 

Geneva: Greetings thank you so much for taking the time aside to speak with me today! How are you doing this fine morning? 

George: I'm doing great thanks for asking. I hope you are doing well yourself?

Geneva: Now Calisthenics Kingz can you break down the core training methods to your workouts? 

George: Well our core training methods is calisthenics which is using your own body's resistance to get in shape. These are various exercises consisting of a variety of simple, often rhythmical, movements, generally without using equipment or apparatus.

Geneva: What is the number one biggest mistake made when starting a diet, workouts, even gym choices?

George: The biggest mistake that people make with all of these various workouts is: listening to various "myths". As far as diets go skipping breakfast is a HUGE mistake. In workouts, 90 percent of people think you can ONLY target getting your stomach in shape. And as far as gyms, the biggest mistake is the fact that people think you actually have to join a gym to get in amazing shape. 

Geneva: With summer vastly approaching besides buns and abs, what 's another big target to get in shape?

George: For guys it's chest or arms. For women it's legs & arms most women tend to think & hate the fact that their tricep has a little jiggle to it. 

Geneva: Now you have trained some of the biggest names in the industry from music artists to athletes. What is the biggest difference in fitness needs for workouts?

George: Well with music artist it's more of a "look" whereas I feel that don't train as hard as an athlete, because it's just to look & feel good. With the athletes training hard is to get ready for the performance, in the sport their perspective sports. 

Geneva: You're a trainer so what is the biggest pet peeve when your trying coach someone through a workout?

George: My biggest pet peeve is when I get a "know it all" client, who tells me how to train them. This is my profession, let me do what you hired me to do. 

Geneva: Now your CHISELED-IN-30 min. Program, can you give me the breakdown?

George: Chiseled-In-30 is an at home intense program that requires no equipment only a jumprope. It targets the major & minor muscles throughout the body, it also focuses on burning body fat, toning & sculpting lean muscle mass. It also comes with 2 diet plans that help assist in achieving great results. It's a full body conditioning program. That will give you great results (IF FOLLOWED) IN THE MAX OF 30 DAYS.

Geneva:  Now the DVD workout videos, are separated by workout, targeted core workouts. Which DVD would you recommend for a beginner to start with first?

George: A beginner can actually start with Chiseled-In-30 it's basic exercises, it's just designed to have different intensity levels. 

Geneva: A healthy diet is always important, but do you have any bad food temptations at times?

George: Yes, I love chocolate & Apple pie. So these are my bad food temptations, and ever so often, I give in to them. I'm only "SUPER" human, not a saint. lol

Geneva: However besides DVD's you also have books that provide the same great workout insight. Is there another book in the works or is one enough?

George: I actually have one e-book which is a step by step on how to learn & gain balance in doing the handstand, but I also have a book I've been working on for a few years which cover everything as far as the history of calisthenics. It covers the benefits pros & cons of it, and how parents can use it as a great tools to keep their children healthy & active, especially with childhood obesity being so popular amongst our youths & adolescents.

Geneva: Now crash diets are becoming more and more popular, what are the damages one can do to their body? 

George: I honestly haven't done any research on them, and don't get asked about crash diets at all, let me do some research on it, and i'll get back to you in our next interview. lol

Geneva: You also offer personal training, How important is that added first workout when you meet a client?   

George:It's very important it gives me an Idea of their true fitness level, because sometimes people over exaggerate their level of fitness. 

Geneva: What is your personal motto in life, what has been your greatest motivation?

George: My motto in life is if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for just about anything, so inspire & be inspired, motivate & be motivated, with that being said, my greatest motivation is the fact that I've inspired, motivated & helped change millions of peoples lives worldwide without even meeting them face to face. PRICELESS .

Geneva: Thanks again for this time, insight among exercising advice! Where can people keep up with you, and find your DVD's among book? 

George: Thank you for taking the time to speak to me, people can keep up with me on FB, my website, youtube & twitter:


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