Monday, January 11, 2010


The wait is over the Highly anticipated mixtape is finished!
The wait is over the Highly expected mixtape is finished!
It's available for download and it's free for all the fans of music! However if he did charge none of us could afford it! This mixtape is pure fire and the anticipation was well worth the built-in wait. Khleo Thomas is well known for his movie roles, but he has proven that he is ready to take on anyone in the music game! Most of the beats were produced by none other then TrackMobEnt and trust me when I say this collaboration of beats and lyrical genius will have many stepping up their once sleeping game! This mixtape it titled "THE WORLD IS A CARTOON" and every track on this mixtape covers a wide range of musical taste. He has a song for all types appeal with collaborations and remixes! The date was pushed for some time but you cannot rush greatness, and if this is what he produced for a mixtape can you imagine the album?The sales would break the bank after only a few hours the downloads hit 20,000+ and the numbers are still going up! You cannot tell me he is not a hit, besides that he is working on a few other projects as well. Keep your eye's out for "Boogie town" and make sure you go get "Hurricane Season" if you have not already. This young man proclaimed 2010 his year and so far he is right cannot wait to see what else this young man produces.

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Personal Favorite Songs
Dreaming- Is that track that will make you think about what your life would have been like! Khleo brought out his A game on this track, proving that a man can have a soft side without being weak. Not only that but sometimes when you're in love it's hard to let go when you do not want to be with anyone else!

Purple Yellow Mango ft. Soulja Boy- Well this track already had the fans going crazy on his ustream, however Khleo surprised his fans with the added Soulja Boy. The track was taken up another notch and has many bumping it as you read this. The song just has that club vibe and will make you want to dance the beat was killer and the lyrics were fun!

Who Am I- Is another great song on the mixtape and it was beyond understandable. Anyone who has been in a relationship and just seemed to lose themselves in the person who just wants to change them. The person you're looking at is no longer familiar to you, because you have changed from whom you once were. The song will have you and your emotions buzzed.

Swag Like Mine ft. Audio Push- Enough said you put these great talents together you should have known pure fire! Call 911 now I am sure your PC is on fire from this track. It's one of those songs that will make you step your game up, brighten your shine and even get game if you did not have it but for those already on point just take pride in lyrics that fit!

Lay You Down- Ladies already knew Khleo was going to take it down for them. This track is just that jam you play on you playlist when you're in the mood. He created a slow jam that many men will use to get their women in the mood! Khleo brought out his sexy factor for this track, and he did not miss!

Only You- We all wish we could be that lady that makes him smile, We all pride our-self on our swag and style. This song makes you want to take pride in the beauty we as women hold, and he even described a little of what it is he likes. However this song is an anthem for women on their business  and that stay on point with the shine.

Thank You- Well it's Khleo's personal thank you to all his fans, and those that downloaded the mixtape and those that participated on the mixtape! Khleo was beyond on point with the mixtape and he just did his thing and I cannot wait for part two but then again I know I am not the only one! His thank you was pretty much for all those who stood by him and supported him. Real talk from a real person with a humble heart and soul got to love that!

Well I just named a few tracks but the ENTIRE  mixtape is AMAZING and EVERY song is worth a replay and beyond a repeat over and over again!


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