Thursday, February 18, 2010

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IN MY ZONE- Chris Brown's Valentines Day Mixtape!

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Chris Brown Teamed up with Kevin McCall for Valentines Day giving us "IN MY ZONE". The mixtape was labeled for the grown & sexy the lyrics are not for the young ears. This mixtape has some very special guest appearances from Soulja Boy, LA The Darkman,T.Breezy,even  Rich Girl. The mixtape was released on Valentines Day at the last minute Chris Brown added a bonus track, giving the fans more then they bargained. Every song has its own flair of originality, the beats  have the swag that only Chris provides to his fans. During the making of the mixtape Chris Brown & Kevin McCall went live on usteam to show us the creativity and the energy being put forward into this project. The mixtape was a gift, free to the fans of music providing that something extra for Valentines Day! This mixtape is just that for the grown & sexy not the young & immature. The lyrics are sexually explicit, and pretty much to the point, however it has its  settled undertones that make it enjoyable to listen to! Many of the songs will have you dancing with that feel good vibe, a few remixes are also on the mixtape! The mixtape is beyond words when it comes to enjoyable! Chris Brown & Kevin McCall stepped up the game in mixtapes, Valentines Day gifts, and music in general when it comes to creativity! "T.Y.A" (Touch Your Ankles) this song is just that track of feel good dance vibes, and will have hype for hours! "Perfume" ft. Rich Girl this is a beautiful song that makes you think about that someone special, the reason we get close even stay there. "Work Wit It" is another dance track however it's beyond that feel good vibe,has the club written all over it making it an instant hit."Shoes" ft. LA The Darkman this song is beyond words when it comes to creativity between originality! Merging on the lines of hit single if it was released out from the mixtape. "Don't Lie" the beat has you from the moment your ears are introduced, Chris stepped up the freestyle flow game he gave the song his personal touch. Proving that his talent doesn't just speak for him it screams, then he teamed up with Soulja Boy "Bad" was the track that brought these two friends together creating a hook that will stick in your mind for days! "Big Booty Judy" ft. Shawty Jae Roc   enough said giving curves their own song and embracing the ladies that have them! "Madusa" love just not enough words to describe how Chris put it down on this track! 
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