Friday, May 7, 2010

Upcoming Events- Be There or Miss Out!

Paradise Theater
2403 Grand Concourse
NY, 10468

 The Gates
290 8th Avenue
New York
NY, 10001

The Dream - Love King & Remix with Ludacris

The Dream ft. Ludacris - Love King (Remix)
Love King remix featuring Ludacris the video was colorful and had a very different twist then the original video. However The Dream always bring you the tracks that you can dance to, and with Ludacris it's a added bonus of hotness on the track!

The Dream - Love King

The Newest Video- What do think?

Mary J Blige ft. Trey Songz - Hood Love
We have all been there in love but you know your life  with them is craziness, but without them it would be miserable. You fuss and fight even threaten to walk away but when your at the door you cannot open it to leave. You look at them and know that the love you have there is nothing like it, being in their arms is the only place you feel safe and real love.  Sometimes we do not always say what is in our heart but when it comes down to it we show up with the actions that count more then words ever could! Mary J. Blige and Trey Songz what a combination so enjoy!


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