Thursday, January 7, 2010

Paula Patton Thicke


Paula Patton has been the angel of movie screens, and she has a talent that many is comparable. She was born in December in Los Angeles, California her mother was a school teacher and her father was a lawyer. She started out with her three month assignment for PBS where she made documentaries for them. Eventually she moved on to the Discovery Channel as a producer for the show "Medical Diaries". However her big break came when she starred in the movie "Hitch" alongside Will smith & Eva Mendes which was in 2005. She began to further push her craft with her role in "London" and then she starred alongside the members of Outkast in the movie "IdleWild" where she played the love interest of  Andre Benjamin. That role only lead to another major movie for her starring as the leading lady in "Deja Vu"  being the very counterpart for Denzel Washington. She pushed her role in this movie where time was a feeling of it happen before and nothing was what it seemed. He roles on the screen pushed her further and further and each role was more challenging and different from the last! She then took to the television screens playing "Kate Madison" she played a reporter on "Swing Vote" then starring in "Mirrors" co-starring Kiefer Sutherland. However it was the role in the movie "Precious" that really launched her as a serious actress, and the emotions that engulfed the audience during this film. She was the supporting role to this very emotion filled film that took many by storm with a great deal of appreciation for the lives they do have. She may be better known for her marriage to songwriter/singer Robin Thicke. They are soon to be proud parents and have been married since October 22,2005 and the happy couple is about to receive a healthy baby boy May 2010. She has been nominated for countless awards and her fashion is flawless beyond her beauty will leave you speechless. She's not just an amazing women but she is also beyond talented and we will see her gracing the screens for years to come for as long as wants to!

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  1. Nice article but Paula and Robin have been married since 2005.



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