Saturday, December 12, 2009


Houston vs. Philadelphia
Rockets -96
HOU Landry- 20pts,8rebs,2ast
PHI Iguodala-24pts,4reb,3ast

Dallas vs. Miami
DAL Nowitzki-25pts,5rebs,1ast
MIA Wade- 28pts,11rebs,5ast

Dallas vs. Milwaukee 1/OT
Mavericks- 115
DAL Nowitzki -32pts,11rebs,3ast
MIL Jennings-25pts,7rebs,8ast

Golden State vs. Chicago
Bulls- 96
CHI Deng-21pts,6rebs,6ast
GS Ellis 27pts,6rebs,5ast

Portland vs. Cleveland
Trail Blazers-99
POR Roy-23pts,3rebs,6ast
CLE James-33pts,7rebs,7ast

Orlando vs. Phoenix
ORL Lewis-24pts,6rebs,2ast
PHO Stoudemire -28pts,10rebs,2ast

Cleveland vs. Detroit
CLE James-34pts,8rebs,7ast
DET Stuckey-25pts,6rebs

MVP'S of Points

Cleveland Cavaliers Lebron James -34pts

Dallas Mavericks Dirk Nowitzki - 33pts

Miami Heats Dwade Wade - 28pts

Phoenix Suns Stoudemire- 28pts


Geneva: So first off let me just say thank you! Also for those that don't know can you introduce yourself?

Paris: no problem luv, my name is paris, my homies call me Pthe short for paris the vixen

Geneva: What made you decide to choose this career?

Paris: honestly I didn't choose it, it was given to me! I don't think I would've ever chosen it!

Geneva: Now They call you a VIXEN so in your own words what does that mean to you?

Paris: a vixen to me is a seductive woman who's more than her looks but only recognized for them!

Geneva: What is your definition of sexy?

Paris: my definition of sexy is "sweatpants, hair tied, chillin with no make-up on" lol corny, but true!

Geneva: What is the biggest Struggle you have faced in the industry?

Paris: the biggest struggle is always proving myself to people....and dealing with the pressure of industry males trying to make things unprofessional!

Geneva: Who do you hope to work with in the future? Is there a specific artist who you know needs you in their next video?

Paris:lol im not sure, I never know what job im going to do next but I would love to work with pharell or kanye west, reason being there vision's are not about "shakin ass" their about showing beauty and require some acting!

Geneva: Where do you see yourself industry wise say ten years from now?

Paris: I don't see myself in the industry in ten years this shit don't last forever, I'll be above a music video by that time!

Geneva: When did you know that you had arrived, That you were finally getting recognized?

Paris: after my first video actually, when people were hitting me up, saying "I saw you on BET & MTV" lol its crazy to be recognized off the street!

Geneva: Who have you met that shocked you? Like who have you worked with that you never thought you would have?

Paris: lil' wayne

Geneva: What is the one thing you can't live without?

Paris: my family and my best friend yiyanna moreland!

Geneva: Now Paris your a very creative, vibrant, and tatted young women! What is your favorite tattoo and where is it?

Paris: my favorite tattoo is the one by my right ear it says "don't believe" it stands for me not beliveing everything I hear!

 Geneva: Do you plan on getting anymore tattoo's and if so of what?

Paris: of course all over my body!

Geneva: Now what is the sexiest thing about a person to you?

Paris: eyes...I love eye contact!

Geneva: What other goals and dreams do you have?

Paris: I want to be recognized for my talents in other aspects such as my writing abilities, and artistic side!

Geneva: Now what advice would you give to someone trying to do what you do?

Paris: DON'T DO IT! lol, unless you have a strong support team behind you because the industry will chew you up and spit you out!

Geneva: What is your ideal perfect date?

Paris: a walk on the beach, with a couple of drinks and ending it off at the crib with moviieessss!

Geneva: So now my next question is, what makes Paris well Paris? What set's you apart from other Vixen's, Models, Video Women?

Paris:my personality!

Geneva: What is the One thing that comes to mind that is annoying to you? Like what is the one thing someone can do and you lose it?

Paris: call me out of my name....or talk about me behind my back & smile in my face!

Geneva: So what upcoming projects can we look forward too?

Paris: you'll just have to wait and see!

Geneva: You go hard on your twitter, so out of all the Trending Topics which ones are your favorite to comment on?

Paris: I like commenting on the funny ones! #ifsantawasblack hahaha that was a funny one!

Geneva: Well it's been fun, and thanks again for this interview! Hope to do it again maybe in person, and is there anything you want to say before you go? Also let the people know where to find you!

Paris: life life! luv de luv!

Where to Find Paris


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