Friday, September 17, 2010


Geneva- Thanks for taking this time to talk about your upcoming film project.

Tee Platinum- Thanks! It's my pleasure!

Geneva- Covered By His Blood where did the title come from?

Tee- Well it's actually a double meaning which involves real blood. You have to stay tuned to find out!!

Geneva- Now when casting a movie, what is the hardest part?
Tee- For this movie, Faye Childs did the casting. She's a really amazing writer from New Orleans. You can see more about her on the website  ....But from the outside looking in, I would say that the hardest part of casting for a script is three things. First and foremost, finding people who are believable actors who can bring the character to life.  Secondly, finding someone who is dedicated and loyal.  You want someone who is passionate about their craft and a person who isn't going to disappear unexpectedly or not show up the day of the shoot.  And lastly, its important to find actors with a good personality.  You want some one who is a people person who is easy to get along with because you will be on the set with this person normally for 8-12 hour shoots.  You don't someone coming with a list of demands, a diva attitude or some one who is unreasonable.  That can really sabotage your project.

Geneva- I guess my first question should have been, how did this film come about?

Tee- I initiated the project and brought in the people who I thought were best suited to pull off what I needed done to do my part as an video editor in post production. Alex of Smart Aleck Films was the cinematographer, the best in Atlanta may I add. And like I mentioned before, Faye Childs was the script writer and casting director. It was kind of like after the situation was masterminded, they set up the play for the 3 point shot.

Geneva- Can you tell us about the cast for this film?

Tee- The cast is comprised of 4 or 5 main characters.  Kerry is the main character. She is young and naive in love. (Played by Honey Johnson). She is in love with her new boyfriend Jordan (played by Brian Knight) who she brings home for Christmas dinner to meet her family.  Everybody seems to love him instantly except Kerry's mother (played by Jo Lynn Merriweather) who gets a bad feeling or vibe about Jordan. Then the drama begins! Jordan's sister, Jay (played by Charlie J), pops up to the dinner to pick up her brother. Keep in mind that Kerry never knew Jordan had a sister all of this time because she's the "black sheep of the family". Then Kerry and Jay start hanging out and doing things you wouldn't believe. Then things spiral out of control until Kerry is literally fighting for her life. But to answer your question, the cast did a great job!  They put in a lot of hard work!  Many of them are new faces but I know that we have a few potential superstars on our hands! Your fans can be the judge!   

Geneva- What do you want viewers to get from this film?

Tee- We want the viewers to entertained, enlightened and educated all at the same time! And to keep in mind that everything that glitters isn't gold. And money isn't everything or worth selling your soul over.  It's good to have nice things, but you shouldn't lose who you are in trying to obtain them.

Geneva- Well thanks so much for taking this time! Is there anything you would like to add before we go?

Tee- Just check out the trailer on this blog and check out more about the film on To see my demo reel or to get more information about me, go to  Thanks for having me!!


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