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Geneva: Good Day it's an honor among privilege doing this interview. How are you doing today?

Tyree Washington: I'm doing good! Thanks for taking the time to speak with me.

Geneva: Now I understand that your an accomplished track star. So let's focus on that first, what's that feeling when your on the line before a race begins?

Tyree Washington: My heart is racing and my adrenaline is pumping like hot lava! I am visualizing every phase of my race from the gun to the tape. I'm anticipating the gun because I want devour competition right away.

Geneva: Now track and field is a combination of athletic abilities. How does a runner, sprinter, hurdler prepare mentally before Olympic trials?

Tyree Washington: Yes, there are a multitude of things athletes do to prepare for the Olympic Trials. Being on the track, running hills, weight training, pool workouts, psychological training, watching film, massage and chiropractic work are important factors to setting yourself up to possibly make the Olympic Team.

Geneva: Back in 2003 you win a gold medal, just to find out your relay partner test positive. Can you take us through that moment in time?

Tyree Washington: 2003 was bitter sweet for me: you never know who is clean and who is not clean on your national team. You go compete and do the best for your country. When I found out Calvin Harrison tested positive for drugs it was heart breaking, and then Jerome Young admitted to his drug use. All of a sudden something you worked so hard for was tainted. They took our title and put another dent in the sport of Track and Field.

Geneva: You are a huge advocate against drug enhancements, you have a site called . Can you express how drug enhancements have taken away from the true essence of accomplishments?

Tyree Washington: Yes I created killaroid to educate and train athletes to compete on a clean level. Even though I lost four Olympic Gold Medals and a workout partner, I wanted to turn a bad situation into something good and help others learn from what I went thru.

Geneva: Now you are considering a comeback, and we have to know what inspired this return?

Tyree Washington: My comeback was inspired by the love of the sport. I love to compete! If I make it great if not it's still great: Theirs no failing in trying.

Geneva: What advice would you give to other athletes, seeing how this issue concerns many sports. About handling and coping with the pressure that comes from success daily?

Tyree Washington: Always stay true to who you are. Be humble and never think that you are better than anyone else because we all have talents, some choose to use them and some use to bury them in the sand.

Geneva: Nevertheless, you have accomplished many dynamics from the football field to track. What's the next level in desired achievements?

Tyree Washington: To become a strong spiritual man!

Geneva: Many changes have come in sports, but if you could add to the list of needed adjustments. What would you target first?

Tyree Washington: I believe integrity needs to be implemented throughout sports.

Geneva: Would you ever consider being a sports commentator?

Tyree Washington: I would love to add another level to my sports career and become a sport commentator. I've been wanting to get in that field for a long time.

Geneva: What has been your biggest inspiration, and your motivation for all your success?

Tyree Washington: My mother, grandmother and children have been my inspiration. My motivation has been in not becoming a statistic: like the drug pushers and gangsters I grew with in the ghetto.

Geneva: Thanks again for your time and consideration. I'm humbly enriched by this interview. Is there anything you would like to add, before we go?

Tyree Washington: Keep dreaming and exalt all the possibilities that come your way.

Geneva: Also for those who don't know how can fans and soon to be fans keep track of you?

Tyree Washington: Follow me on twitter @SniperEyes and check back to my update for updates as to what I am doing.

Geneva: Again thank you for your time. I appreciate you taking this time out for an interview with me.

Tyree Washington: Thanks for taking the time to speak with me today Geneva, this has been a wonderful opportunity for me to share some insite into who Tyree Washington really is.



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