Monday, September 13, 2010


Ludacris Weekend Celebrity Basketball Game With Chris Brown, Chris Paul, Nelly and many more celebrities came out to play a game of basketball. Atlanta received a real treat when their favorite celebs and suited up to play a friendly one on one game! Nonstop action between both teams, and a little intermission half time show when a fan challenged Chris Brown to a dance off, well we all know who won that challenge! However if you missed out here is a recap of all the action you missed out on. Ludacris knows how to entertain the fans and his "Weekend Celebrity Basketball Game" did just that for the fans and the players! The game was close but in the end team LUDA wins and final score 88-86 and the competitive  game was entertaining, jaw dropping, and countless laughs! So enjoy the footage and the nonstop action in a came we call basketball!


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