Wednesday, March 3, 2010

DRESS ME- Where Sexiness meets Elegance

This is just the beginning the newest ways to be sexy and classy! Dress Me is owned by two sisters who know what it takes to step it up a notch. PJ & Crystal are the women to meet the needs either you're going out to the club,headed out on the town,setting up the night for someone special whatever your needs Dress Me has it all! They even have costumes that are a class above your average costume shops, plus you will not find these anywhere else. With summer coming up you're going to want to look extra amazing and with a clothing line that fits all types you cannot afford to turn this down! Now the spring is here and the weather is getting warmer now is the time to put your best foot forward with the hottest line out there!

☆ BOosHiE BagZ☆ - The Fashion Line Against Violence

The Fashion Line Against Violence, where style not only inspires change but does it with a flair! BOosHiE BagZ was originally created to raise money for a workshop to educate,motivate, and encourage positive thinking in youth in the United Kingdom. Toni the creator of  BOosHiE BagZ saw the increasing violence among the teens as well youth in the UK pushed her further into making this work. She created an idea to not only provide a trade to these under privileged youth but giving them a chance at a better life. So enjoy the stylish bags the originality of creations. The Fashion Line Against Violence where you have a choice to do something positive over the  negative. Please help support this great cause by buying one of these designer handbags, by buying one of these bags you're supporting a youth for a second chance at life!

Neighbors Know My Name - Trey Songz (New Video)

Trey Songz has stepped up his video game to another notch! We first received a glimpse  of Trey Songz sexy side when "Invented Sex" came out that video put Trey Songz on the map. Many ladies were already dazed by his voice but then he added the element of sexiness. He was that young handsome man that turned the charm on with his music, then had you captured with those eyes. Now he has many wondering if well, that steam can get any steamier? "Neighbors Know My Name" was that video that was borderline needing censors but it was hot just the same. Besides what was not in the edit version trust many had in their imaginations. So you be the judge on the new video, but sit back and hold tight because I am sure that this video is just a stepping stone to what is to come!


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