Thursday, November 12, 2009

Asher Roth


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Watch more AOL Music videos on AOL Video


Asher Roth came on the scene as a fresh approach to music, and at first many weren't sure what he had to offer! That soon changed and the videos only added to curiosity of listeners everywhere, and his career took off just like that. He all gave us a hit song to jam out to with "Be by myself" ft. Cee-lo  and we all feel in love with the beat, and the lyrics was icing on the cake! He then gave us another song to rock out to with "She don't wanna man" ft. Keri Hilson  and the video set the tone it was hilarious and at the same time a feel good song! His flow was crazy and he had away of capturing you with the craziest things, but yet we all wanted more of him and his sound made it hard to ignore! For many when he came on the scene his style was different and he had an approach to songs that was beyond original and organic. However it stuck and was embedded in our brains and the hooks drove us insane! Now granted some of his lyrics are suggestive and little explicit so you might not be a huge fan of his, but most of his music is for all to enjoy however the warning is there! He's the new face to rappers and his appeal will have you not only tuned in, but will have you  listening and staying to enjoy the world that is ASHER ROTH!

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