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Saturday, February 25th, 2012, Takers II
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Communication Expert Roshini Rajkumar Helps Cupid Strike With Dating Etiquette & Communication Tips

 We all know the cliché, “You only get one chance to make a first impression.” The first date is a prime example of this expression. As you head out on that first or second date this Valentine’s Day, remember that what you wear and how you act will speak volumes to your potential mate. Communication coach Roshini Rajkumar knows the do’s and don’ts of dating etiquette down to what you say and how you say it, wardrobe choice, and body language. Send out the right message on your first date.  Follow Roshini’s advice, and you are sure to get asked out again and again!

Roshini’s Do’s and Don’ts for First Dates:
What does your outfit say about you?
Dress the way you want to be perceived. Do you want to look smart, classy, professional, conservative, fun? Choose your outfit wisely as your date will judge you accordingly.
Dress for the activity. If you’re going bowling, don’t wear a short skirt and stilettos. If you’re having a romantic dinner, jeans are most likely not appropriate.
Most importantly, make sure you are comfortable. When you are comfortable your best self will shine through.
Pay close attention to your body language. You don’t want to give an impression that isn’t accurate.
Leaning in vs. leaning out during conversation will show you are interested in the discussion and the person.
Standing with your arms folded gives the impression that you are bored. If your date thinks you are bored, the evening may go downhill very quickly.
Do not scope out other people while you are on your date. Even if the date is going nowhere, you owe it to this person to be kind throughout the evening.
Watch your choice of conversation topic.
Don’t talk just about yourself. Be sure to ask questions about the other person, and listen to his/her answers. Don’t cut them off to talk about your own experiences.
Watch your language. Don’t use profanity.
Don’t talk about your Ex. This is a big turnoff. If you are discussing your Ex on a first date, maybe you aren’t ready to start a new relationship.
Be positive. Don’t talk about yourself, an Ex or others in a negative way. You want to be perceived as an upbeat, genuine person.
Allow yourself to have fun.
Activities are great for first dates. They keep the conversation going and keep the night from getting slow.
Don’t be afraid to look silly. Play guitar hero, go mini golfing, strap on some ice skates and have a good time.
Watch the alcohol intake.
No one likes a sloppy drunk. Know your limit and stay under it!
You don’t want to do or say something you’ll regret later.
Dating should be fun! Don’t let the added pressure of Valentine’s Day sap the enjoyment out of the date. With these simple tips from Roshini the date is sure to be fun, even if the relationship doesn't take off.
Roshini Rajkumar is a speaker, communication coach, and author of Communicate That! She is a sought-after keynote speaker and commentator to local and national media on topics related to powerful communication for executives and politicians, business strategies for climbing the corporate ladder, and rehabbing celebrity images. Her background includes more than twenty-five years of public speaking and a career in television news. Roshini is also a licensed attorney.
As President of Roshini Performance Group, Roshini speaks and coaches high-profile executives and celebrities around the country on communicating powerfully within their industries and for the media. Roshini is an instructor at St. Catherine University where she teaches businesspeople at both the Leadership Institute and the Center for Sales Innovation about how to powerfully negotiate and influence. Roshini has become the go-to person for business executives, authors, athletes and politicos who want to make an impression — clients include Bridgestone Americas, Great Clips, Minnesota Vikings, Wells Fargo. Roshini also advises television news anchors and reporters as they move forward in their broadcast careers. For fun and to keep challenged, she runs with the Minnesota REDs. Visit her website at for additional information.
Follow Roshini on Twitter: @RoshiniR
Roshini has been featured on news and media outlets around the country on a number of communication and image topics related to business, politics, job interviews, celebrities, and much more.  Some recent highlights include the nationally syndicated television show, Daytime, and the nationally syndicated radio show 'The Mancow Experience'. She's also a contributor to and quoted expert in numerous online and print outlets. Please see her previous appearances here: 

Valentine's Engagements: Is This the Year Echo Boomers Marry?

Over four-million Americans are expected to propose or be proposed to on Valentine's Day, according to a recent American Express survey. That's a lot of bended knees and diamond rings; but how many of these proposals will come from members of Generation Y?
Also known as the Echo Boomers and Millennials, the generation born between 1982 and 1995 is showing a reluctance to tie the knot. As of 2009,only 21 percent of Echo Boomers were married, according to the Pew Research Center, and a whopping 75 percent had never married. Some 15 percent of adults younger than 35 said they have postponed getting married because of the recession.
But things are looking up as the unemployment rate goes down and the real estate market looks even more enticing for buyers.
Gen Y now tops out at 30 years old and many are looking to settle down. A December 2011 survey from Trulia revealed people between the ages of 18-34 still believe in the concept of home ownership. For 65 percent of those surveyed, their American Dream includes marriage and feathering their new nests.
Many Millennials are moving directly from their parents' basements and into their first homes. That means they haven't collected the bare necessities, such as linens and kitchenware, much less major appliances. That doesn't mean they haven't defined their tastes, however. Mostalready know what they want and would prefer to select home items for themselves.
As a result, Echo Boomers are steadily moving toward requesting money as wedding gifts. Others prefer to avoid asking for cash by participating in a wedding registry for gift cards at such websites as CardAvenue. They can sign-up to receive gift cards from preferred stores, but make the final purchases themselves.
A gift card registry also allows soon-to-be-weds to register for more unusual stores, where they can find gear to fuel their camping habit orbuy home-renovation materials.
"To celebrate our marriage, we're planning a California road trip - the first experience in a lifetime of shared memories," says couple Marleneand Derek, due to be wed in April. "Our CardAvenue registry will help guests find items for our road trip as well as a few items needed for ourhome."


 The first online gift card registry

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"Anti-Valentine's Day: 6 Ways to Un-Celebrate"

Thanks to the barrage of advertisements featuring pink hearts and devoted boyfriends -- coupled with endless floral deliveries received by yoursmitten coworkers -- there's no way to avoid Valentine's Day today. But before you resign yourself to a lonely evening at home, consider these six anti-Valentine's Day celebration tips.
1. Host an "Ex Roast"- Going out with your single friends on Valentine's Day is not a bad idea, though you'll quickly find yourself immersed in affectionate couples.Host an at-home event instead and take turns roasting your exes over a glass (or bottle) of wine.
2. See a Slasher Film- Skip this season's latest romantic comedy for a good ol' fashioned slasher movie. Though it's becoming a bit of a trend, nothing drains that romantic feeling faster than watching people get chopped to bits. Hit up for local listings.
3. Go Shopping- Just because you're not celebrating Valentine's Day doesn't mean you can't take advantage of retailers' heartwarming deals. Avoid the kissy couples buying each other trinkets and shop online. Find coupons for Macy's and other retailers from and fall in love with a new pair of shoes or killer dress.
4. Volunteer- Though Valentine's Day is pretty challenging for singletons, consider how challenging every day is for lonely residents of nursing homes or struggling patrons of your local food kitchen. The best way to combat your personal blues is to make someone else’s day, so get out their and volunteer!
5. Cozy Up to a TV Series- Nothing takes your mind off reality faster than ongoing plot lines in your favorite series. Rent from your local movie store or better yet, seewhat's available to stream from Netflix or Hulu. If you're in the mood for some serious eye candy, check out Matt Bomer in "White Collar," or hone your lie-detecting skills with "Lie to Me."
6. Save on Goodies- Let the doting dingbats pay full price for candy and flowers on Valentine's Day. You can satisfy your chocolate craving for 50 percent off onFeb. 15, plus pick up a festive bouquet to brighten up your dining room. Beat that, suckers!

Photo by CarbonNYC
Courtesy of :
Andrea Woroch 
 nationally-recognized consumer and money-saving expert for Kinoli Inc.


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