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Fashion + Innovation+Music = Nikera Clothing
Interview By: Geneva Relf

Geneva: Thanks again for agreeing to this interview!

Nikera Clothing: Oh no problem Geneva! I love what you are doing within the industry. I am honored.

Geneva: Now can you introduce the world to Nikera Clothing, and what sets it apart from other clothing lines?

Nikera Clothing: NIKERA CLOTHING was created for fashionable Trendsetters like myself. Brightly colored skirts for women and unique graphic tees for men. Nikera Clothing is for individuals who are extremely comfortable in their own skin and for those who like to stand out and make fashion statements among peers. Nikera Clothing also promotes young American Artists from all genres via our clothing. By allowing them a chance to become the face of our collection in order to increase their fan base! We stream music and videos on the website 24/7 to raise awareness.

Geneva: Who are the creators of this amazing line?

Nikera Clothing: I built the line myself. From the ground up!

Geneva: When it comes to fashion trends, what is the one trend that should never make a comeback?

Nikera Clothing: Hmm that is hard to say. I thought I would never see acid washed jeans or suspenders again but they showed up on the scene again. If I had to choose I guess it would be Capri Pants. If done with a retro twist I can handle, but too many women and men rocked this trend casually and I just did not like it all.

Geneva: Now I understand you're working on a new campaign for the summer can you tell us a little bit about what is coming up?

Nikera Clothing: We are releasing free tees to select kids nationwide, mostly city socialites, fashion bloggers,and Artists. We are asking everyone to rock their NIKERA CLOTHING Tee in the streets of their city in a new and creative way. The images they submit will be posted on our website for the entire summer. We thought it would be a cool way to show our appreciation to our customers, fans, and followers by allowing them to bless our walls of the website!

Geneva: When it comes to fashion what are the key elements to putting together that perfect outfit?

Nikera Clothing: SHOES. The more outrageous and different the better. That is the only item of clothing you should really invest money in. Too many women and men spend hundreds on the top, bottom, and bag. In reality, people only envy your footwear. You can purchase a $300 pair of designer pumps and spend $24 on your NIKERA CLOTHING Tee and $60 on the funky skirt  and you will look like you stepped out of VOGUE!

Geneva: Nikera Clothing how did that name come about?

Nikera Clothing: My childhood nickname is Nikki. I wanted to create my own Era of I created Nikki's Era *NIKERA*

Geneva: When it comes to being a designer what is the hardest part?

Nikera Clothing: Knowing the business side of the house. You can quickly lose focus and your creativity if you spend too much time on the business side, but you can also lose control if you spend too much time designing. There is definitely a balance that has to take place. I thought all I had to do was sit at home and sketch and do fabric choices, but I quickly learned that the business aspect is just as important if not more important. Designers don't fail because of the designs. They fail because of the lack of marketing, branding, press, etc. These areas are extremely important and you will need to know exactly how this process works in order to be successful. I have to know everything. So I research the jobs of Marketing Directors, Publicists, Accountants, and Lawyers.

Geneva: Where can we find Nikera Clothing?

Nikera Clothing: Right now we are exclusively online only. Store Locations coming soon!

Geneva: Did you always want to be in the fashion industry?

Nikera Clothing: Yes, I sketched as a little girl. I was always drawing pictures of women in colorful dresses and hats. It is something that has always been in me. As an adult you lose focus and you forget about those dreams and talents. You replace them with things that are safe and secure like corporate and government jobs. I wanted to live again. I wanted to attempt to live out my dreams and fantasies, so I just went for it!

Geneva: What is next for Nikera Clothing?

Nikera Clothing: Hmm good question! This year I want to focus more on marketing and branding. I am working on getting the apparel in the hands of high profile stylists and individuals within the TV Network. Don't be surprised if you catch us on a few MTV shows and videos this summer. The whole movement is fed off of FASHION+MUSIC so the possibilities are endless!

Geneva: Thanks again for this opportunity to interview you. Is there anything you would like to say before we go?

Nikera Clothing: I have three amazing proteges right now. These young women are from three different cities but they all love and adore the fashion industry. I just want to say to all of the young women and men...FOLLOW YOUR HEART AND DREAMS! You can be anything you can imagine! I am a living witness of that! Take advantage of social media and connect with designers and people you wish to be one day. There are tons of great people in this industry who will give you an opportunity if you just ask and take the time to reach out. Other than that, thank you again Geneva for this lovely interview. I wish you the very best Sis! God Bless.
Nicholette Moore
CEO/Head Designer

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