Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Chris Brown is well known for his blessed voice in music, and his ability to act on the big screen!
He was recently relaunched in VIBE magazine and gave an in-depth look not only in to who he is, but who he is becoming before our very eye's. Recently he released his third highly anticipated album "Graffiti" which was a bonus gift to fans during his Fan Appreciation Tour.  The issue was a duel cover issue and featured Drake who was also being relaunched in VIBE magazine. Chris Brown gave the view that many didn't understand or ignored with failure to understand! This was the best interview by far that Chris Brown has done, I wish I had done it however, this was that redeeming interview Chris was looking for however not needed. Many will still have their own opinions on that night, however it's important to understand that we all make mistakes. The only difference between us and other celebrities is that well they get caught! Now this interview revealed many things that shocked me. The idea of having Justin Timberlake, Usher, Chris Brown on one track, that would be beyond a musical orgasm! Do to timing Chris did not pursue it, but I do hope that maybe 2010 will open the door for this dynamic collaboration.  Then to find out how much inspiration and input he had for "I Can Transform Ya" video. The Karate wasn't just for the video but it was a passion for him at one point! Then he ended his interview with one of the best quotes "At the end of the day, it’s all about love, loving one another and respecting everybody. It’s also about learning from differences." I agree 100% with him on that, and the fact that he feels that life must go on lesson learned! He also gave another great inside view that many outside there world of limelight's don't understand! However not mentioned in the VIBE magazine but was mentioned on his live chat with fans another TOUR!
He even spoke a little about what could be the next possible video, and who knows maybe more tattoo's! In any case it's time to get back to the music and focus on other issues going on in the world! He said it best and I hope he's given the chance to do it "But I’m still going to live my life. I’m still going to smile. That’s just my personality." He deserves it and the amends he's making proves that not only has he learned his lesson but willing to teach others from his mistakes! In other news his album is out and the Fan Appreciation was a mega hit! Not to mention the fact that it was sold out every arena, and for months fans anticipated the wait for the album and his appearance in there town! He released three singles that had many fans begging for more. Then he released two videos and then hinted at the birth of another but we have to stay tuned!
The First single was "I Can Transform Ya" which featured two other big names Lil Wayne and Swizz Beatz. This was a very artistic vision for a video and it was very creative in originality, plus it had women wanting to be transformed! Then came "Crawl" featuring Cassie her cameo was in the video, and she looked flawless while the song took your breath away. "Sing Like Me" was for the ladies and Chris had many wanting to "Sing" and be the one he picked out of many! Meanwhile 'Takers' comes out February 26th and it's a star filled movie, you can't afford to miss. You don't want to be the only one who doesn't see it, and besides the Trailer alone will have you hooked!


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