Wednesday, June 23, 2010


CoCo && Breezy collection has added a new line to their very innovated, creative, and stylish line! 20/20 collection these twins has revolutionized the way we see eye-wear! The line was launched to the public and the demands are rolling for more, and you have seen many famous people flocking to this bold innovation of eye-wear! CoCo && Breezy are not afraid to be different or to push the envelope and explore the wide range of design! Planet C&& B has just what you need that's different and fresh that will peak the conversation in any room! This new line is not your average eye-wear however when you want to stand out who wants to do it average? These to young ladies stepped out on a dream, that many questioned and even doubted but look at them now these two have taken designer eye-wear by storm and stole all our hearts in the process! They were featured in Metro Magazine when they were just eighteen years old.They proven then that fashion was what they made it ( ) They have come along way since then now being a leading household industry name! Then you being featured in as a designer feature spot these two young ladies were nineteen when they were featured here ( ) Now at the age of twenty these two have launched their new line of eye-wear! So stay tuned and hold on tight because it's only going to get more intriguing from here!

CoCo && Breezy:

The Official Stefon4u Single "Teacher's Pet" Feat. Khleo Thomas

Khleo Thomas-
Stefon4U -


 Yes ladies that young man in the 6th grader scene is little Sean Garrett's son he's so adorable. Enough said pretty much when you think about it the lyrics say it all. And who better then Nicki Minaj to team up with for this track! Sean Garrett has been known for his hit singles that make you want to replay over and over again!"She told me that the girl I'm with don't get it .She wanna show me she can be better girlfriend" We all know how that goes be honest! How many times I have we seen a man or woman with someone that doesn't treat them right? You wonder how he stays with her, and if you get your shot your going to prove why your the better choice! They both look so amazing in this video these two are collaboration greatness! "And I just heard that you was back on the market. Let me stick shift, ride it, back it up, and then park it. You and me, we should be together."   Which happens your hear they are single,She messed up and let you go, or you realized you could upgrade and made that move! Either way it's a fun track and the video is really cute, and the high school scene was on point. Sometimes it seems that way when your in a relationship like your in high school all over again! and it's even crazier when the one you want you have crushed on for years and it seems like all of a sudden, they finally see you! "You know niggas and girls how they quit then they make up .She told me she been in love with me every since we were in 6th grade .Ms. Hills class, I'm just thinking (ahh ohh) Mighty funny didn't notice her back then.But now her body banging, got me thinkin (ahh ohh) Im just thinkin I'm to quick to fall I wanna hit it but I'm still involved" And it's hard when you feel a certain way you see them in your dreams and you want to make things workout to let him see that it's better in your world! "Shawty said she had so many dreams of her and me, she couldn't sleep.She tellin me to come and get it all (get it all) She so glad the girlfriend that I use to have didn't wanna treat me right .So she told me I can get it all (get it all) Best believe me she gon get it all (get it all)



Guess who is all grown up ladies and gentlemen? Sammie yes that adorable little boy is now a MAN and on June 21st he released his anticipated project called “IT’S JUST A MIXTAPE”. So far the buzz has been amazing reaching 12,734 downloads so far according to However many of the tracks were leaked by Sammie on to calm down the wait while  intriguing  the anticipated pallet for music lovers! If you have noticed more artist are putting out mixtapes rather then albums! However it’s no worries to fans great music is great music no matter the cost! However mixtapes are considered “FREEDOM” for artist! Mixtapes give artist a chance to be them without label pressure, or impressions plus the best part true response to their music! It’s a greater connection to fans then numbers through a machines! Back to Sammie he’s been working nonstop to produce this mixtape and the ustreams only had fans begging for more!
14 – tracks including intro and outro
(Just a few broken down)
Naughty Girl ft. Diamond- This track says it all ladies, and DIAMOND represents for us! Sammie picked a beat that really draws you into the track! This can easy be that dance track you put on when you just want to strut around, however keep in mind the suggestive lyrics for the “GROWN & SEXY” please be advised! My absolute favorite verse would have to be “Away with that good girl shit you can have that” Sammie is all grown up now! “I’m sweeter then Reese Pieces “- courtesy of Diamond!
Make Pretend- Wow speechless about this one, however it’s a track that really tells you the deal! When the anticipation builds from being away for so long! However until he get’s back just “Pretend” he’s there however don’t replace him just imagine he’s there until he can really get there! “GRAB YOUR PILLOW AND PRETEND IT’S ME, AND HOLD ME TIGHT”
Phone Call- Being dumped by phone and voicemail at that! However the track it’s really a reality when they just leave and you don’t know why! Your trying to understand what happen yet no one is on the other end to answer you.  The biggest question “I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHY YOU LEFT ME IN THE FIRST PLACE” a question many have asked themselves before! “RING RING I KNOW YOU SEE ME CALLING” and “TIRED OF YOUR VOICEMAIL” this song is sad but in relationships sometimes your left without answers!
B Word- The beat is so classic the guitar is beautiful in the opening. How being in the lime-lights is hard when the one your with doesn’t understand that it’s apart of the job. No he’s not calling her a “BITCH” he’s calling her “BEAUTIFUL” actually you just have to listen to the track! He’s telling her the way things use to be and he wants he girl back and his buddy back! When you stop being who you used to be, and now fight about all the things that didn’t use to bother you.  “BABY YOUR BEAUTIFUL”
Pretty Girl Anthem- The song that salutes to all the PRETTY ladies of the world, and all ladies should be standing up because, all ladies are beautiful in their own special way!  “SEXY AND YOU KNOW IT PUT YOUR HANDS UP” “ROLL CALL SEXY LADIES STAND UP” so ladies stand up and put your hands up, it’s a fun track and the beat is playful. However it’s just hard to imagine little Sammie however he’s all grown up!


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