Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Yes Ladies that is his body, and yes that voice that streams of sexiness matches! Trey Songz has graced the cover of Vibe magazine now this issue won't be out until April 15th. However just looking at the cover you can tell it's worth the buy! We all know Trey Songz for his outstanding voice and amazing videos that capture the imagination and naughty thoughts! However this young man is not just a sex symbol, his latest album "Ready" proved that he does have a soft side. That he's romantic, funny, and not afraid to seek out what he wants.
This is the behind the scene view of one of the hottest covers Vibe magazine has had in a while. Trey Songz is stepping up his game not only music wise, but he's really starting to appeal to the ladies as "Mr. Sexy"! We all want a man with the complete package and right now Trey Songz seems to be mr. right! So make sure you get your copy and hold on tight, and if you can't wait reserve your copy now!  Also look out for Trey Songz he will be in a town near you soon, so do not miss out.

Upcoming Events

April 9th
Aiken Convention Center

April 11th
Columbus, SC
The Colonial Center

April 16th
Miami ,FL
James Knight Center

April 23rd
Charlotte, NC
Bonjangles' Coliseum

April 25th
Jacksonville, FL
Florida Times -Union

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