Thursday, May 13, 2010


Arizona has been in the middle of a battle since the passing of Senate Bill 1070 signed  by the Governor Jan Brewer. This new Immigration Bill is proclaimed by many to be the newest form of racial profiling. Meanwhile others feel that this law being passed is justified in their eye's. The Arizona Capitol has been packed for days with protesters since this law was passed, and many rallied together before this law was made in effect hoping to pursued Gov. Jan Brewer to reconsider signing the bill. Since this bill has been passed many companies, homes, and communities have been raided for the search of illegal immigrants.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been quoted as saying "We have had this illegal immigrant training in place for years, and we are going to revise the training so it's not considered racial profiling."  Many have been questioning this statement seeing how they feel that cannot be possible! If your not racially profiling then how are you going about finding those illegal immigrants? Law enforcement officers are also against this Bill in fact there is a lawsuit pending now, however for as many voters against this bill and wanting this bill reformed or vetoed altogether there are just as many who feel it's justified and reasonable.

The valley has been greeted by many activist and celebrities that are banning together against this bill. Shakirah was the first of many to come to the valley to speak with legislative member's about this very controversial  bill! Then Civil Rights movement leader Rev. Al Sharpton came to the valley and marched with the brother's in the Nation and the Hispanic community to rally against this violation of human rights! Phoenix Suns very own Steve  Nash is against this bill he has made statements "the law, in its current form, is something he's not willing to endorse." He is among many that feel this shouldn't be endorsed or encouraged that the state of Arizona has made a huge mistake.

Arizona is being boycotted on many levels not just financially but they are losing major favor with other states.  Recently AZ lost the rights to hold the 2012 republican election convention Tampa Bay is now going to be given the privilege. Many states are claiming that we are too controversial and don't want the backlash for association! Many concerts, events, and even other sources of revenue for the valley are being pulled daily. The increased concerns of what's next lingers in the minds of those who fear the worst to come. Many others say that Gov. Brewer and other supports of this bill have brought this upon the valley. However the truth of the matter is that something has to be done but in a peaceful manner. The valley's protest have been peaceful and however the crowds grow among the heat of the valley. The opposing faces are stating to make an appearance, I was at the Capitol when member's of a hate group showed up however the police officer's escorted out the racially motivated group before violence could erupt! 
Human rights should not be limited to the color of ones skin, gender, or sexual orientation your a human being so the rights are already given! This law has caused a stain not only on the valley of AZ but the very law making officials. Damage that may never be undone or removed from the minds! Something has to give and has to change so make your voice heard loud and clear let's not push human right to the back burner! 


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