Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Songz Is My Name - The Mixtape

Trey Songz is always bringing the music the ladies love to hear and fellas love to grab their girls to get close to! Many tracks you should recognize like track # 5 "Wait" the hit song off Chris Brown's newest album 'Graffiti' this track also featured The Game. Then the remix of Snoop Dogg's hit track "I Wanna Rock" you know Trey had to put his spin on that! "Lemonade" you should recognize from Gucci Mane, he even teamed up with Mariah Carey to remix "Inseparable" we originally fell in love with this hit track, however Trey added that extra bonus and element to the classic hit! However we all know the hit track that is buzzing and the video for "Sex Room" is also featured on this hit mixtape! This track is featuring no other then Ludacris. The prince brought out Sammie to bring us "Put it on my tab"  it's official you'll be bobbing your head throughout the entire track and before you know the hook "Put it on my tab" will be stuck in your  mind! The hottest track that has been remixed to the max but never grows old "Turnt Up"  you know Fabolous had to bring the heat with Trey on this one! I wonder if Roscoe Dash knew this track would be the most duplicated and hottest track to hit airways?! The video had many buzzing and that kiss had many women wishing it was them on the other end! "Yesterday" was that track Toni Braxton made for he newly released album! And when she locked lip with Trey Songz on stage many women were jealous but can you blame them it's Trey! "Hood Love" has many speechless even the video was amazingly done, when your ready to just give up and walk away. However you can't cause the love that you two share is to strong to say goodbye to this is the original version! "Customer" by Raheem Devaughn we even remixed by Trey Songz he pulled out all the stops on this track! Makes you want to place your order at this restaurant and have Trey as your server! "Over" by Drake was even a hot featured track on this mixtape, and it's a worth addition to this mind blowing music lover's dream! "The Machine" was a hot track too and had a beat that was cold and the hook will have you thinking your a machine or at least wanting to be one! "Pack ya bagz" taking it down a notch on the mixtape to give you a taste of the Trey Songz we all have grown to love! He then gave us "Lonely" and "All my life"  both tracks makes you take it down another level and just let the lyrics wash over you while your mind meditates on the meaning!  The mixtape has 22 nonstop hot tracks that you can enjoy and hit repeat on daily! However you have to download to enjoy this hot mixtape so get your download on and enjoy!


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