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LaureLuxe - Where Fashion Meets Jewelry

Where fashion meets Jewelry a concept maybe never heard of before ,but yet it was a vision that taking off! If you haven't heard of LaureLuxe yet you might want to check your pulse, this line is everywhere. My bet is your favorite celebrity is already rocking the line! So far we have seen D.Woods rocking out in her Nevins Earrings by LaureLuxe. She is not the one Celebrity in Hollywood wearing the hottest trending jewelry. If you remember from Rip The Runway, Nicki Minaj stepped it up rocking the line over her designer dress by no other then LaQuan Smith, and rocked the LaureLuxe brand on her shoulders. Then if you noticed that very sexy fashion in the newly released video "Sex Room" Trey Songz ft. Ludacris yes that is by LaureLuxe and you can't help but want your own custom made piece! Then in case you missed the issue in J'ADORE Mag  issue here you go ( ) and the line speaks for it self, and the captured beauty that is hand crafted in each designer piece!  Then if you missed the interview that gave you the inside view to this fashion check it out here in Honey Mag ( ) Then being featured on ЯU MYNT Mag the slogan says it all " Where Artist  are MYNT to be" ( ) Then being featured in GIANT Magazine  where the model really showed off why the line is so hot! 
Then the feature in 5 Point Magazine cover the fashion show that stopped traffic in it's tracks.LaureLuxe is here to stay and no one can shut them down!To see the article in 5 Point Magazine 
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TI & Keri Hilson - Got Your Back

TI ft. Keri Hilson - Got Your Back 
Yes it's true Keri Hilson and TI teamed up to create a hit of the summer! The theme this years seems to be that you just want someone who will be there! Many artist seem to be saying what we all have been thinking lately it seems! First it was Chris Brown ft. Tyga saying that they just want a "Regular Girl" not someone in it for the fame or lights, but a buddy who is there at the end of the day! Someone who will laugh with them and be a support without the added drama! Then we heard loud and clear from Trey Songz ft. Keri Hilson "Yo Side of the Bed" there is nothing like having that someone special and when they are missing it's hard! You just want them back on that side of the bed! "Got Your Back" is just the theme we can all stand by at the end of the day you want someone who stands for you! A person who knows how to be there no matter what that has your best interest at heart without any personal investments in self! That is just there keeping it fly without staying on point, never letting rumors lead us instead of trust!  TI the KING is back and he has given us many great tracks with his return, and many features to add under his belt! However this track hits home at the end of the day you want someone who has been there and will continue to be there no matter what! 
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Red Cafe (Mixtape) No Witnesses

This Mixtape was dropped at midnight this week! The fans have been waiting to hear from Red Cafe and the wait was over May 25th around midnight! This mixtapes has many featured artist on it that add to the tracks as only they can so enjoy and download if you like!"Opening Act"  starts this mixtape off and it's chilling to the ears because you know no one can be left alive! Which leads into the next track entitled "No Witnesses"  enough said, it just explains the title and why no one can be left behind! This mixtape brought out the big guns "Chop Em Down" ft. Rick Ross & Busta Rhymes  the beat is hot, but it's the added bonus of these two artist that really add to the fire on this track! "Be Alright" ft. Lore'l & Ross Fortune the track that pulls you in from the beat. This track can be a love it or like it but either way it's a replay!"This is it (Luchini 2010)" ft. Fabolous was the added bonus on this track! It's a easy to enjoy track but it's the beat that really makes this hit lovable! Then you know it was coming "I'm Ill"  pt. 3 ft. Fabolous, Llyod Banks, Jadakiss and Lore'l  this track was opened by Jadakiss. This track has been gaining major buzz from the very first time we heard it, that beat is something serious! Then you added all these artist who all bring something special to anything they touch look out! "Seen Money" ft. Akon  yes Akon is back the beat is what really engages the ears! The hook is solid you'll have this track on repeat guaranteed. However parental advisory is advised due to the language, and content of the songs on this track! Many mixed reviews on this mixtape however music is up to interpenetration so you like, love, hate either way it's your choice! No Witnesses Hosted by Ill Will & DJ Rockstar only the best to work with!

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I'm Ill ft. Fabolous

Rick Ross (Mixtape) The Albert Anastasia EP

This summer has produced some major mixtapes and now adding to this summer's list! Rick Ross his mixtape has been in the works for a minute, but it was released today! Yes Rick Ross has dropped "The Albert Anastasia EP" this mixtape has some major names featured. Only Rick Ross would have P.Diddy cover the intro that starts off this major mixtape! Every track has it's takes you further deeper into this mixtape, however listeners beware the language this not for young ears so caution advised! "Blown' Money Fast" (B.M.F) ft. Styles P  this track is a slow starter but it picks up and pending on your taste is might be a hit or miss for you! "Gotti Family" ft. Yo Gotti  the beat is killer your drawn in from the opening and engaged until the end! Easily this is the top of replays list. "All I Need" ft. Birdman & Trey Songz  you already know if Trey Songz is on it the ladies are listening! This track seems to add to the theme this summer of wanting someone who holds it down, and is always there for you."Sweet Life" ft. John Legend enough said you already know that this collaboration is a music lovers dream! John Legend always brings the soulfulness to any track he's on, and Rick Ross the Boss says it all about the "Sweet Life".Then "Super High" ft. Neyo we have all seen the video that featured the very beautiful and ageless Stacey Dash among other famous cameo's!  Neyo always brings out the hooks, and highlights any track he's featured on, but the video says it all visually. However the track is a replay and goes on the list of top choices. Taking it back to the rap game of classic proportions "Knife fight" ft. Kool G Rap  the beat gives you the feel as if you just stepped back in time!Your mind is washed over with the lyrical genius poured into this track,this takes you back to what rap use to be like so enjoy! Where there is a part I there has to be a part II so here it is."White Sand" pt. II ft. Triple C's  mixed reviews on this track it's up to the listeners taste however you have plenty to choose from on this mixtape if this isn't your track!There is a bonus track included "Nasty" ft. Masspikes Mikes the hook and beat is a instant trap for the mind. However it's a parental advisory track as well the language and suggestive so listeners you have been advised!

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Super High ft. Neyo 


Long awaited video was finally released this week! We have seen the pre-views, listened to the hot track but now the video is out! Not to mention it was well worth the wait, Trey Songz turned it down for this video, but still very sexy. We were all thinking it was going to be like "Neighbors Know My Name"  we just knew it. However we were surprised with the classy sexiness! The  "Sex Room" where anything is possible and your fantasies are filled beyond any expectations! Every scene in the video takes you to another place it's very clever and the shower scene very sexy! However you should have known that Trey and Ludacris was going to step it up with the fashion in this video! However the women in the video were rocking some of the hottest fashion to hit jewelry! Yes LaureLuxe Jewelry  was featured in the video throughout some major scenes! The exclusive line that caters to fashion and accessories! So enjoy the fashion and the music either way your pallet is filled with this video!


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