Wednesday, July 27, 2011 CEO & Founder Brandon Wade The Exclusive Inside look to Love,Sex and everything in between Interview with: Geneva Relf

Geneva: Greetings Mr. Brandon Wade for agreeing to this interview, I know you have a busy schedule.  How are you doing today by the way? 

Brandon Wade: I am doing very well.  I just celebrated my 41st birthday last week and I have never felt better. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me.

Geneva: Now let's just jump right in here you are the CEO and Founder of What many might wonder what inspired this site and the deep insight you provide?

Brandon Wade:  The inspiration for creating came from my lifelong struggle to find love.  I am shy, and meeting girls in public places or social settings wasn’t easy.  In the past, I have used matchmaking services, online dating websites and even speed dating with limited success.  What I discovered about the courtship process is without the right incentive, most people will never have a chance at falling in love with each other because they are blinded by their negative first impressions, which prevents them from giving each other a chance. provides a way around this “first impression” impasse. 
The idea of bidding for a first date has already been done at charity events.  By allowing people the ability to negotiate on what it takes to have a first date, provides the incentive for people to overlook negative first impressions of a profile by giving themselves and the other person a chance to get to know each other at a deeper level.  What the website is selling, therefore, is the chance at falling in love.

Geneva: When it comes to men what is the greatest misunderstanding us women have, and what do men really want from us women?

Brandon Wade:  The biggest misconception women have about men is that they believe men think like women.  Men are wired differently than women.  When we look at history, men were hunters while women were gatherers.  As such, men do not show affection the same way women do.   Most men are just not as good at sharing our feelings, listening, or showing our affections with hugs or small gifts.  However, that does not mean we do not care.  It’s important for a woman to be patient and understanding and to sit down with us once in a while to remind us of how we should behave around you.

Geneva: It has been debated for years that men have a one track mind, but according to your research that's not true.  When it comes to sex what is a key factor for men now that wasn't originally ? 

Brandon Wade: In reality, men have a multi-track mind and can be full of contradictions.  It’s true that men constantly think of sex (which explains stereotypes such as “All men are pigs” or “Men have a one track mind”), but men also have a deep desire for love and intimacy.  Our study shows that men value love more than sex.  This explains why so many men eventually shed their bachelorhood in favor of marriage.
However, it is important to note that a man’s body continually rages with testosterone.  A man’s desire for sex and his natural urges to mate are constant even after he finds love.  Women should appreciate the fact that the temptation and seduction of sex is a constant battle most men fight with every day.  For this reason, credit should be given where credit is due. While the media has focused on stories of men who cheat, it is important to note that the majority of men in married or monogamous relationship remain faithful.  The fact that over 70-75% of men are able to remain faithful demonstrates the power of love over sex.
I do not think there is a new key factor now that wasn’t there originally.  Our research merely shows that while sex is important for men, it just happens they value love even more. 

Geneva: The debate is clear men and women love differently, but most women want to know why does it take longer for a man to admit he's genuinely in love? 

Brandon Wade: There are two reasons why it takes longer for a man to admit he is in love.  First, a man’s sense of self-control often prevents him from being forthright about his emotions.  The same reason that men cry a lot less than women do is also the reason it takes a man longer to admit he is in love.  Secondly, most men in today’s society equate commitment to a loss of freedom.  For this reason, most men will not profess their love for another unless they are absolutely sure she is the one.

Geneva: When it comes to dating what is the biggest mistake women often make with men? 

Brandon Wade: The biggest mistake women often make with men is exuding a lack of self-worth.  There is a Chinese saying that men only value the things they work hard to achieve.   I’m not advocating that women should play “hard to get” games with the men they really like, but if you really like a man, be sure (1) not to have sex with him too soon (i.e., don't have sex on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd date), (2) don’t get overly attached or clingy, and (3) take your time to develop a genuine friendship first.

Geneva: Back to your website what can viewers expect from this site that's genuinely different from any other site, magazine or overall source out there? 

Brandon Wade: On other dating venues, you create a profile and reach out to hundreds if not thousands of people in hope that your profile will stand out enough for them to give you a chance. The chance of meeting someone you like is much like a crap shot. is different because it is truly the only website where you don’t have to leave it to chance.  You can actually buy a chance at love.  

Geneva: I have to ask the name of the site where did it come from?

Brandon Wade: The name came from a game I used to play with my friends as a teenager.  We would often ask each other “what’s your price” for doing something crazy, for instance, eating a bug, or playing a prank on the teacher.  I decided to use “What’s Your Price” as the name of the website after our market research found that the name not only gave the clearest meaning of how the site was different to our survey panel, but also caught the most attention - which is needed in the highly competitive online dating industry where everyone is vying for media coverage.

Geneva: What are your top five tips for women when it comes to men in relationships, sex or love?

Brandon Wade:
1.       Be confident – Studies have found that when you keep your eyes steady and show that you are calm and intent, guys are more likely to be interested in you.  Never be afraid to set your sights and standards high.
2.       Be yourself – Be comfortable with your feelings and who you are, and express them freely and with tact; don't hide who you are in order to get a guy to like you.  That never works out well.
3.      Set clear goals – Successful people set clear goals and objectives.  This should be done not only in your professional life, but also in your personal life.  Ask yourself what you want in an ideal relationship or man. Then create a plan on how to find him.  If you don’t want to beat around the bush, be sure to communicate your objectives or expectations up front.
4.      Remember to have fun dating – Finding the perfect relationship or soul mate takes time, so make sure you are having fun while you are searching for him.  When you are happy it shows, and that will make you even more attractive to the opposite sex.
5.      Know when it’s time to move on – There will always be bad apples, and there will always be men who have not yet grown up.  When you meet a man who is abusive or disrespectful, understand that you can do much better. Have the confidence and self-respect to stand up for yourself by cutting your losses and walking away.

Geneva: What are you ultimately  striving to achieve with this site?

Brandon Wade: I often meet people who are discouraged they will never find love.  Some (like me) complain they are too shy to make the first move, while others claim they will never stand a chance with someone they perceive as out of their league.
It is important to note the reasons people say no to a first date.  To give someone a chance takes time, money and effort.  For a woman, giving someone a chance may mean having to take time off work and spending money on hair, makeup, an outfit and transportation.  By creating a marketplace where first dates may be negotiated through price, our market research shows if people are given the right amount of incentive to offset the effort or risk they have to take, they will be willing to give someone that initial chance.

 I am a romantic at heart, and my ultimate goal with is to level the playing field and to give everyone a chance at finding love.   

Geneva: Thanks again for this opportunity to interview you, and is there anything you would like to add about the site or where people can find you? 
Brandon:  It’s my pleasure to speak with you today. 

The Genie in the Disney movie Aladdin said, “I can’t make someone fall in love with you.” I totally agree with him that there is no way anyone can buy “love,” but with, anyone can at least buy the chance at falling in love.

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