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Jayy Starr Interview

Geneva: Jayy Starr thanks for agreeing to this interview today, Let's start
by introducing yourself?

Jayy Starr: No problem. It's an honor to be interviewed by you (lol). Well
I'm Jayy Starr, a femcee from South Central, Los Angeles. Also, a singer, in
the shower (lol), songwriter, intermediate engineer, and dancer.

Geneva: What was it about music that made you want to pursue a career?

Jayy Starr: It's just something about the ambiance of a good song. I grew up
on GOOD music. With content and plenty of substance. All the oldies from Al 
Green to Minnie Riperton, so growing up I learned to appreciate music for
what it really was, which is art. I was always a creative child so I saw
this as my opportunity to paint a picture with words that were stories, be
it fact or fiction, in my mind and share it with the masses.

Geneva: Who are your top 5 artist past or present in the music industry you
look up to or admire?

Jayy Starr: Lauryn Hill off top. Then there's Aaliyah, Will Smith, Ludacris,
Da Brat, and Queen Latifah.

Geneva: Now the Single "7 Loves a Week" I love it, but what inspired you to do
a song like this?

Jayy Starr: Life, love, and relationships. One day I was sitting at home and I played a beat in my head.
Which is how I come up with most songs by whatever melody is in my head at that point in time and I started mumbling a chorus about having a guy on Monday and one on Tuesday etc. Then before I
knew it, I had the song "7 Loves a Week". I used whatever I experienced with
guys and attributes of REAL guys I knew and once dated to fuel the song.
That's why it's so easy to vibe to, cause it's based on a true story.

Geneva : Your going to Opening up for Trey Songz this November along side
Sunny Phoenix. Are you excited, maybe more nervous or your just ready to go?

Jayy Starr: Yes! Not so nervous because I've opened for Drake before, now
that was scary (lol), but I'm very excited.  Trey Songz is hot, literally,
ladies know! (lol) and musically. So being able to open for him is truly a

Geneva: Now what is this I hear about a small role in a movie? What was that
like and can you tell us a little bit about it?

Jayy Starr: Well, it's a friend of mine's first feature film, Ben Lee
Foster. Talented guy! It'll be on BET soon after it releases. It was just,
AMAZING being able to be apart of it. I am playing myself at a performance
type thing. It was fun and definitely just the beginning of my career in
acting (lol).

Geneva: You have a very organic approach to music, What do you think is the
one thing or major factor that sets you apart?

Jayy Starr: Well, the fact that I dare to be different regardless of what's
hot and who's doing it. I could care less about the next artist's gimmicks
or persona cause what works for them might not work for me. So while
everyone else is trying to be different by being someone else. I'll be
different by being myself. If there's anybody I want to stay true to the
most, it's myself.

Geneva: Are their any artist that your hoping to work with in the Future or even right now?

Jayy Starr: Definitely Keri Hilson. As a matter of fact I already wrote a
hot, hot, hot Hip-Hop/RnB joint that I want her on. Even though I'm not that big yet, I'm very hopeful and refuse to have anyone else on the song but her (lol). Also, one of my lyrical inspirations, Ludacris. Then comes Da Brat and ALL the pioneers of female hip hop.

Geneva: What can we expect from the album, and will there be any videos coming out soon?

Jayy Starr: This sounds so cliche, but expect the unexpected. I'm going back
to the roots of good music and giving the people what they've longed for to
come back. This will not be like any female hip hop album you've ever heard
before. Also, my director Quattro and I are always discussing new videos. We
have about  4 in the works now. He's really going in (lol).

Geneva : If you could create the Ideal tour who would you put on this tour
and why?

Jayy Starr: Wow, great question. I'd do like the ultimate femcee tour. Just
to let people know we are here, have been here, and aren't going anywhere.
My lineup would be myself, Queen Latifa, MC Lyte, Salt n Pepa, Da Brat,
Yo-Yo, Eve, Lil Kim, Foxy, Nicki Minaj, Lil mama, Lady of Rage, Babs Bunny

Geneva: Who is Jayy Starr Listening to, like right now who is on your play

Jayy Starr: Right now I listen to alot of Sunny Phoenix, TroofBeTold, Choze,
Mike P, Dizzy D, Ricasshay, Rick Jewelz, Dr. Dre, Dru Hill, Hall & Oates,
Minnie Riperton, Biggie, Lil Kim, Asher Roth, Beyonce, Brandon Hines, The
Fray, Jackson 5, Jasmine Sullivan, Luda, even SouljaBoy. I could go on for
days (lol).

Geneva: How did you connect with Starr Scream Entertainment?

Jayy Starr: Just networking. I'm the type of artist that likes to do things
hands on so I know they get done right. So I've networked myself and just
met wonderful people and CEO of Starr Scream, Chris Ford, just so happened
to be one of those wonderful people I got to meet. Since then we've grown as
not only a team, but friends as well.

Geneva: What is the best part about making music?

Jayy Starr: The whole creative process. I love taking my thoughts and
putting them into plain words and adding a beat to it. It's like clay. You
can mold it anyway you want and if you don't like it one way you're not
confined, you can change it to fit your expectations of what it should be.

Geneva: What is your Ideal style, like you are looking at fashion wise and

Jayy Starr: Well I treat my fashion the same as my music. I try to be as
versatile as possible. I love trying new things out and setting new trends.
As of right now I'm into the skinny's, not so much every color, been through
and past that phase (lol), but dope shoes. Doesn't matter if they're name
brand or not as long as they're hot and I see no one else rocking them. I
love glasses that are high fashion YET affordable. Vintage or graphic tee's.
Fitted and snap hats also. Then on the softer side, cute shirts or jeans
that show your figure with a hot pair of boots or heels. I love to
accessorize with jewelry as well.

Geneva: At What age did you realize that this was it? That this is what you wanted to do with your life?

Jayy Starr: I've been performing and writing literally all my life. Starting
out at church events or conventions with my grandmother. I was mainly known for singing, poetry, and stories I would write. Then around 9 years old I started writing poems, but to beats and from that point on I knew that music was my calling. The rest is history.

Geneva: What are you looking forward to most in the music industry?

Jayy Starr: Besides the free stuff (lol), the fans. I cannot wait to have
hundreds of thousands people grooving to my music. Coming to see me perform.
Chasing me (lol). Asking for pictures and autographs. I love connecting with
people so that would be the most fun to me. Touring worldwide isn't too bad
either (lol).

Geneva : For those that don't really know you tell us something about you
that we might not know?

Jayy Starr: I'm actually a really shy and quiet person, but most don't see
that cause they see me in "Jayy Starr mode" all the time. Jayy Starr is the
rowdy, outspoken, goofy, dare devil, but Jessica, is the quiet bookworm

Geneva: Now dancing is crazy right now, so what dance came out that you were
like oh I have to learn that?

Jayy Starr: Being a Cali native I'd have to say the jerk. It was simple in
the beginning, but nowadays it's like a workout (lol). That dance is hot
though and fun to watch other people really tear up.

Geneva: What producers do you hope to work with someday?

Jayy Starr: Timbaland, Dr. Dre, Nitti, B. Cox, Drumma Boy, Missy Elliot.

Geneva: I just want to say thank you again for the interview! Also one last time where can the people find you and your music? And what upcoming events do you have where people can see you?

Jayy Starr: You are very welcome. I enjoyed every bit of it. You can find me at tweeting a bunch of randomness (lol),, and catch me at the Terrace in Pasadena on Nov 15th, Trey Songz concert & an Apollo at Csusb Nov 19th, and Dizzy D Flashy's red carpet birthday bash in Vegas Nov 21st. Add me on my sites cause there's so much more!

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