Friday, November 13, 2009

Chris Brown 106 & Park "Chris Brown Faces His Fans" episode

Chris Brown spoke for the first time facing his fans 100%, and I hope after this we can get back to the music. Even though what he did was wrong at the same time he is human and he is paying for his mistakes. Chris Brown is a young man who is trying to put his life back together and make up to his fans for the time lost and the time taken away from them! He gave a near in depth look to what it is he is going through, and he is hopeful to move on with his life. For many who didn't know the tour is donating to Best Buddies an organization based for disabled physically and mentally challenged people, along side Genesis an organization which is for the abused and neglected! Chris Brown is a young man who is truly sorry and remorseful for what he has done, but yet and however it's time to get back to the music and move on from this not holding it against him! We all have done things that we wish we could hide from and erase he is no different from you. However it takes a man to recognize his mistakes, and to take the steps he has taken! God Bless, Peace, Smiles because sometimes that's all you can do!
"For those that love keep it coming, but for those that hate do it in silence, but watch them succeed!"

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