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Kia Calloway
Raising Music Sensation
Interview By: Geneva Relf

Geneva: Kia how are you doing today, thanks for agreeing to this interview!

Kia : Thank you for having me.

Geneva: Now for those who need to be introduced, can you tell them who Kia Calloway is?

Kia: Kia Calloway is definitely a mixture of a bunch of different, wonderful elements. R&B,Pop,Hip-Hop- you name it! I like to think of myself as being a versatile artist.

Geneva: Your hit single "Back Seat" when you first heard this track how did you know this was going to be hit?

Kia: Well when I first heard the track I was on that whole Timberland (Aaliyah) vibe..Certain tracks talk to you automatically and you just flow with it.That song didn't take long as some songs do, and I just had fun with it.Didn't expect it to go as far as it did but I'm grateful [laughs].

Geneva: What upcoming projects can we look forward to from you?

Kia: Right now I'm doing a lot of underground projects so definitely  look out for some unreleased material.I am featured in the 3rd Edition of Platinum Plus magazine, and In the midst of that I'm working with different producer's and writer's for my upcoming project. So yeah ya girl stay's on her grind [laughs]. 

Geneva: Being a songwriter what is the hardest part about creating a song?

Kia: For me, sometimes I can have a one track mind and some of my songs seems to be about the same thing. You know the whole heartbreak, you cheated, you did this, you did that type of thing. Then sometimes I get writer's block, and so I take a break from it and maybe a few day's later come back to it with a fresh mind.

Geneva: What made you want to pursue music?

Kia: Basically you can tell what your called to do because your not happy doing anything else. I can do music forever and a day, go through the storm, get knocked down, get back up and still love what I do. Music is like therapy for me, and it got me through some rough moments.  I think I wrote some of my best songs when I was going through the hard times.

Geneva: You have been in the industry for years, what is the biggest lesson you have had to learn?

Kia: I have learned that A entertainer has to wear many hats. You just don't go up on stage and that's it. This music game is a Business..That's why it's called Music Business and you gotta know it. You gotta know who's controlling it, because If you allow every aspects of your life to be controlled by someone else, you can loose yourself, your identity very quickly and that's not a good feeling.

Geneva: "Fed Up" was another hot track, what makes your music so relate-able to your audience?

Kia: I feel that a lot of women in some point in life will go through heartbreak and I want to address that. Some women believe that they have to deal with the pain,hurt,abuse and so on but they don't. You have choices. You either deal with it or you don't.  It's just that simple. People are going to do what you allow them to do and women you are better then that...Stop settling for less and know your worth...

Geneva: Who does Kia Calloway inspire to collaborate with in the near future?

Kia: [laughs] I would love to work with a few people. I would have to say R-Kelly, Tank, Usher,Timberland,
Robin Thick and my all time music crush LL Cool J [laughs].

Geneva: What would be the ultimate tour for Kia Calloway and who would be featured on the tour?

Kia: R-Kelly because we bring the same thing to the table. The Grown & Sexy Tour...yeah!

Geneva: If you could describe yourself in one phrase what would it be?

Kia: Kia Calloway is a Diamond in the Rough!

Geneva: What separates Kia Calloway from other artist out there?

Kia: What makes me different then a lot of artist is my story behind my music. I mean you can sing all day but people remember stories, the meaning,the drive, the humbleness, and the hard work. They can see a beautiful face and a voice any day but if she doesn't have a purpose, then it's useless. See if you have a purpose
then it comes out in your voice and in your lyrics like all those old songs that will  be here for centuries. Those are the heartfelt songs, and that's why people still singing those same song's today.

Geneva: What was that defining moment that you felt validated in your music career? Or are you still waiting on that moment?

Kia: I think when I receive those Grammy awards is when I will sit back and say "This is my moment"!

Geneva: Can you describe that feeling you get when your on stage?

Kia: A rush of energy and I'm very aggressive on stage[laughs]. It's almost like your someone else. It's funny to watch sometimes because when I'm off stage I'm normally not like that. I'm reserved and kinda quiet but when I hit that stage...The diva is out.[laughs]

Geneva: What are the biggest mistakes an artist can make in this industry?

Kia: Signing their life away and then stuck in a life long contract. That's why I said This Music Business is not a game. There are people that could care two cents about you and just wanna make money for themselves. You need an attorney to look over any contract you have. Also be true to who you are. Don't be who everybody else want you to be because when the smoke clears and everybody is gone, you gotta love who you are.

Geneva: Now if you could give sound advice to upcoming artists what would it be?

Kia: You gotta work for it and I mean work hard because it ain't easy. Even when you signed you still gotta grind. These day's labels want to know if you ready to go when you walk in the door. It's not all about the glitz and glamor..Know your business. It's easy to get a deal but it ain't easy to keep it. Yes have fun with it because this is what you do and it should be 2nd nature, but while you having fun with it don't loose yourself for the fame.Stay true to who you really are and Put God first in everything you do.You will have a million and one closed doors but you will also have a million and one open doors so never take no for a answer and don't give up.

Geneva: So what is the next level for Kia Calloway?

Kia: I definitely plan to write for different artist and I've been working on implementing new ideas for my live shows so that's exciting. The best thing I can say is "Expect the unexpected from Kia Calloway".

Geneva: Thanks again so much for this interview, and is there anything you would like to say to your fans before we go? Also don't forget to tell the people where to find you and your music!

Kia: Thank you for having me and you can find me at ... or for booking or questions you can contact me at

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