Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yes The New Boyz teamed up with Chris Brown recently and created the hit song "Call Me Dougie". This single was released on on June 10th and twitter went crazy within hours of it's release. However it was originally released by the New Boyz on twitter before it hit The fans went crazy over this collaboration however the excitement was turnt up when it was heard! "See baby I'm a rockstar everybody love, my friends call me cocky but you can Call Me dougie" This track is a hit and I can easily see it being a club's #1 request this collaboration makes you wonder can we get a video!? Pretty much where ever you place Chris Brown he's bound to bring it and put it down! No matter the genre of music he always raises the bar of hotness, and makes it a hit. The New Boyz have a major hit on their hands and you won't be disappointed! Reaching 11,313 downloads already you can tell the buzz among the fans is they LIKE!


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