Wednesday, April 21, 2010


The moment is finally here, yes the video for the highly downloaded track "Holla @ Me" is here. Chris Brown & Tyga have teamed up to create pure magic. These two are the deadly music duo proving that music is not dead its being shook up! The black attire really set the tone for this video and the placement  in California of all places you can just feel the innovation and inspiration. Pure greatness for all the doubters of this team have just been proven wrong!

Now it would not be a video without the infamous dancing  and you can imagine how the fans felt that night being allowed to be on set. Tyga & Chris Brown the words just cannot touch what these two are doing to music and how they are shaking up the game. We will have to stay tuned to what is coming up next, but if this is just the start of what has to come I am afraid we are not ready! Now granted it's not what we are use to when it comes to Chris but different is good, he is proving he can do it all just give him the room!Not to mention the fashion if you noticed the Oakland Raider gear from the caps to the jackets. Not to mention the mixed match shoes fashion that really raised the bar to flashbacks and took you back to the criss cross days. So enjoy and sit back this is going to be a great ride!
Download Holla @ Me here:

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  1. I love that red boots thanks for sharing it
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