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Rachel Fine - Behind The Music

Geneva: Rachel thanks so much for agreeing to this interview! How are you today?

Rachel : Getting better all the time!!! I'm doing great, Geneva. Happy to talk to you.

Geneva: Rachel for those that may need to be introduced to you. Can you introduce yourself?

Rachel: Sure, I'm a singer/songwriter from Brooklyn, NY & I do a blend of electronica & neo-soul- think Portishead meets Jill Scott.

Geneva: How did you get started in the music business?

Rachel: Music's been a part of my life as long as I can remember. I think it started becoming a "business" for me about two years ago when I began working on this album. At some point in your life you've gotta go big or go home, and this sound, this album, has been my big roll of the dice. Of all the music I've done, it's the project I stand most strongly behind.

Geneva: Now your debut album "Own your Own" what inspired that title?

Rachel: The album is really about honesty. About claiming who you are- the good and the bad. Owning it. I share a lot of myself on this album- I wrote all the lyrics and they're all true experiences from my life. As difficult as some of that is to fess up to, there is something freeing about tell the world "this is me- this is the truth of who I am". I think if everybody just owned up to themselves and stood proudly in who they were, we'd all be a little less effed up :) lol

Geneva: Your new released album is a combination of mixed genre's. From the 70's to hip hop what inspired you to do that?

Rachel: I worked with my producer and long-time friend Timothy Schletter on the vibe of this album. After we decided to explore a sound together, we pulled our influences and really tried to find something new that really resonated with us both. We definitely have a bit of a throw back sound- we get some Winehouse comparisons because of that, but there's a good amount of electronic and even subtle hip hop flavors in there.

Geneva: Now you work for Howard Stern what is that like?

Rachel: It's AMAZING. I was a fan for years before this opportunity came along, so it truly is a dream come true. I've never had more fun in my life.

Geneva: Now your a business women with many talents. Would you consider yourself a role model for young women today?

Rachel: It's a tough question- I work on a television show that's certainly not appropriate for children, so I wouldn't want them watching! But, on a personal level, I think all young women would benefit from finding the truth in themselves and "owning" it, as I do through my music. I know what it's like to go through tough teenage years. More than anything, I hope that in the brutal, embarrassing honesty of my lyrics, young girls will feel like someone understands them and that it's ok to be less than perfect.

Geneva: The Bonus Show on Howard TV how did that get started?

Rachel: I auditioned last October, we shot the pilot in November, got picked up in December and started filming in January! The rest is history :)

Geneva: Now what advice would you give to young women trying to break into the industry?

Rachel: It really is about persistence and an unwavering belief in yourself. People will discourage you and haters will dismiss you, but it's the people who don't give up, who relentlessly push forward that really succeed. Don't be afraid to go hard. Don't hold back. Put blinders on and visualize what you want.

Geneva: What do you think is the biggest mistake upcoming women in the industry?

Rachel: Well, for women specifically, I think it's easy to mistake a gatekeeper's advances. Guys in positions of power will try to promise you the world in hopes of intimacy. Women who fall for that never get anywhere. Not only that, if you think you need to sleep with someone to be successful, you're really betting against your own talent and abilities. You're telling yourself you can't make it on your own merits. Keep your wits about you and run your business like a business.

Geneva: Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?

Rachel: You know, Geneva, if I looked that far ahead, I think I'd get overwhelmed. When I started making this album, I couldn't think about printing and distribution and licensing a finished product. I just sat with my best friend Tim and found a cool groove to our first song. I think you just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other towards what feels good and trust that you'll get there.

Geneva: The Song "Potential" (which is available on i-tunes now) how did this track come about?

Rachel: The song "Potential" is about falling in love with who someone COULD be, rather than who they actually are. My ex had so many amazing qualities and I saw the best in him, who he could be if he just tried a little harder. But ultimately, there comes a point where you have to accept someone for who they choose to be. That's what this verse is about:

Now I see I'm loving
The shadow of a man
Strong and picture perfect
It appears against the land
But what is your potential if
It never comes to light
Can't see a shadow
When day turns to night.

Geneva: When it comes to song, how do you know it's a hit?

Rachel: I'm actually not that concerned about whether it's a hit or not. I'm concerned with the integrity of the lyrics, a groove that makes me move a little and an overall excited sense of YESSSSSS!!!!!!!! If I'm vibing on it, I know there are other people out there who will feel me. I would rather have a long term, loyal group of fans who truly understand who I am and what I'm trying to say than put out huge club-bangers that don't represent me.

Geneva: Who would you like to collaborate with music wise?

Rachel: EMINEM! His rhythms are SICK. I don't think there's a lyricist or rapper out there that can do what he does. I love the Dido collab for Stan and I think my music would be an amazing fit. Em, if you're listening, call me :)

Geneva: Can you take us through a Rachel Fine day?

Rachel: Wow. Tough one. So unpredictable! I left "Corporate America" a year and a half ago to go full time in the entertainment field, so I'm working longer, harder hours now for myself than I ever did before. Here's a "typical" day: Up at 8:30 to put a couple hours in at the gym. Morning coffee and at least an hour of social networking stuff (I try to respond to everyone on twitter, fb, myspace, youtube, etc). Following up with new radio stations that want to add our music to their rotation, doing print and phone interviews, sending off press kits to people who need them. Shopping for wardrobe, either for a concert or for Stern that week. Meeting with my publicist. Working on next week's Stern scripts or writing my blog. Band reheasals OR a show at night. Editing the video or audio footage from the last show. Impromptu meetings with various important people who seem to pop up out of nowhere everyday and need to meet with 20 minutes notice. Another hour at the gym, a good hour of super crappy reality tv, asleep at 1am. That's actually a pretty good representation of my life 7 days a week.

Geneva: If you could describe yourself in one word. What would it be and why?

Rachel: Driven, definitely. I don't stop. If I want something, I will find a way to get it done.

Geneva: Rachel thanks again for agreeing to this interview. Is there anything you would like to say before we go? Also don't forget to tell us and your fans where to find you!

Rachel: The best place to find out what's going on is . Geneva, thanks so much for taking the time to talk. I hope some new people will check out the tunes! I think if you really spend time with my music, you'll find there's something genuine there to connect to. I'm so appreciative of my fans and so thankful for the opportunity to share myself through such a creative medium. Thanks for listening :)

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