Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Newest Videos of 2010- What's your opinion?

This year has brought many collaboration, new hot singles, and new artist. While many of our favorites made major returns. So here are the videos that are making major head way in 2010 the videos that are heating up the summer, making us fall back in love or simply giving us a reason to dance.
Speeding - Omarion 
The newest video off his album "Ollusion", We have all been there when love is slipping through or hands and by the time we notice it's too late. We try to find a way back in their hearts if it's not already too late, even trying to find out how we slipped from love, speeding back to the place where we once were again in love. This is a classic look in videos great job Omarion.

Tyga Ft. Chris Brown- G Sh*t
Yes these two are taking the music game by storm with their collaborations. We have heard for weeks now of a upcoming mixtape from these two entitled "Fan of a Fan" these two aren't anything to play with. They have raised the bar in music collaborations. However I have to warn you these lyrics aren't edited so not for the sensitive of ears. However the poolside video has you set for the summer and these two know how to kick it off right!

Game- Shake
The Game is dropping a major project in June, but he has released his new video called "Shake". Yes in the opening clips that is the beautiful and forever lovely Stacey Dash. There are many special guest appearance in this video, and once again the lyrics are not for everyone.

B.o.B ft. T.I & Playboy Tre- Bet I Bust
B.o.B is creating a buzz that cannot be silenced, and now with the King T.I. back it just adds more fire to this already hot track.The video is colorful and notice the fashion style on point and the track is hot! So look forward to hearing more greatness from B.o.B and the King T.I and Playboy Tre. I just hope the music game is ready for all that's to come.

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