Friday, April 2, 2010

Lottery Ticket - Newest Motion Picture Coming out Soon

'Lottery Ticket' Trailer


Imagine your whole life changing by numbers! We have all played the lottery at some point, or gambled putting it all on the line. Then right when you think it's another wasted moment in time, you win your numbers are picked. In a blink your life has changed what would you do?

Well Bow Wow plays "Kevin Carson" a young man who experiences just this. A ordinary young man, the nice guy, who lives in the projects. Plays the lottery and wins $370 million dollars just like that and all of a sudden he goes from a nobody to a somebody! But the question is how far will people go for money, and how will money change those who never had it before? So enjoy this movie its going to be hilarious, touching, and just a plain good time!

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