Thursday, January 7, 2010

Babylon Cartel - Clothing of the Future

Babylon Cartel
Fashion Beyond the Stars

What does it take to provide creative and innovative clothing for the masses? When does a clothing line surpass all exceptions and thrill the masses? When it's by cutting edge designers who see clothing surpass the idea of wear and the idea of a lifestyle in fashion.  Babylon Cartel is the definition of this idea and theory that fashion is beyond clothing but a frame of mind and high end appeal. Now Babylon Cartel is located in Philadelphia,PA however you can shop online for the hottest starting trend in clothing. You know that clothing isn't just about an image but it's also about impression you get from the wear. Jayy Starr is a new featuring face for this clothing line and it makes sense a rising star and rising clothing line. So make sure you don't miss out on the newest clothing with the hottest rising star!

 Contact Information
Babylon Cartel & Co.
4936 Walnut St
Philadelphia Pa

Aaron Ramey /Head of Public Relations
Cory Townes / Head of Marketing

New face and Feature to Babylon Cartel 
Jayy Starr 

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