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 Geneva: Thank again for agreeing to this interview, How are you doing by the way?

 Dirty Diana:I'm doing great thank you for the opportunity and exposure

 Geneva: Now not like it's needed by refresh and introduce yourself to the new upcoming fans of your music!

Dirty Diana: My name is Dirty Diana from Bronx New York currently in ATL. I have a mixtape hosted by DJ scream on datpiff and livemixtape im currently working on some major features for my next project and working to get everyone familiar with who I am

 Geneva: Your music video for "What Up Doe" your showcasing skills many haven't seen in this industry for awhile. Is that what gives you an edge in this music game?

 Dirty Diana:My what up doe video is taking it back to hip hop when all the legends use to tell stories in there videos. It gives me an edge along with many different styles I posses in my music.

 Geneva: Now on a deep level being a young female now on the scene, what has been the greatest test for you thus far?

 Dirty Diana: When being in a studio with a whole bunch of male mc's and they ask "yo you want to hop on this track" lol not only do you have to show you nice but I have to make sure I body them on the track as well. :.)( shout out to all female rappers going hard )

 Geneva: Many artist hate being compared, but how would you describe yourself and what sets you apart? 

Dirty Diana: I would describe myself as not trying to be like anyone or copying anyone's style being myself is what makes me real and my lyrical content is what makes people respect me as a down to earth rapper. 

Geneva: Your mixtape "Dirty Diana" hosted by DJ Scream (HoodRich) what was your concept if not motivation for this work of musical art?

 Dirty Diana: The concept of the Dirty Diana Mixtape was to introduce who's dirty diana to the world, proving not only that I can rap but that I would be ever to stand alone against the many other rappers in this industry

 Geneva: I understand you were at this years BET Award show, what was that like for you?

 Dirty Diana: It was a great experience it gave me a visual of how my life would be like and made me realize how closer to my dreams I'm getting. I hope next year to be on that stage with all the other talented rappers that was there. 

Geneva: Now I'm loving your style, are their any trends you follow or your own trendsetter?

 Dirty Diana: Thank you, I consider myself a Trendsetter, I'm currently trying to come up with unique hair styles, clothing, shoes and accessories to help brand my name and continue with the hot trends of today. 

Geneva: Collaborations I have got to ask any artist out there you want to mix it up with in the studio?

 Dirty Diana: Well I currently have some surprise features on the next project but if I had a choice I would love to work with Jay z, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz and Big Sean.

Geneva: What's the next level what can we look forward to music wise or even appearance wise?

 Dirty Diana: You can look forward to a major deal by 2013, movie appearances, new female artist an nomination, and hopefully some major performances coming to a town near you.

 Geneva: Thanks again so much for your time, I know I'm a fan but can you please tell soon to be fans where to find you? Also is there anything you would like to add before we go?

 Dirty Diana: Thanks again, You can find me on Twitter : whosDirtyDiana Facebook: dirtydianafans Instagram: whosDirtyDiana Reverbnation: whosDirtyDiana YouTube: teamDirtyDiana Mixtape: and

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