Tuesday, March 23, 2010

When Everything is a Fight (Being Sick & Tired)

He's Just Not that Good
He's just Horrible to you
By: Geneva Relf

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There are no shortcuts to love, there is no easy way to handle someone's hearts sometimes you have to walk away to see what it is you really have! The hardest part about being in a relationship is not knowing your placement with that person! Often times were given the responsibility but never the title! Many women often get caught up in the duties they forget to ask if their holding the title as well. I am sure many of you are reading this thinks, how would not you know? Well I am about to tell you how it's easy to get caught up! I am going to break down for you the signs, the complicated emotions, and the way out!  Also I will give the inside track mind of a player what to look for and how to avoid it for the future! By the time you finish reading this you will understand that sometimes it takes an outsider to call a foul on the inside!

The Signs 

Verbal Propaganda- If not you we know someone who has fallen for the verbal propaganda! Were the words are just so sweet before they turn ugly. A man on a mission will use whatever tactics it takes to accomplish his task, this means using you watch out! He will say things like "Babe your the best.", "Your an angel, to me." he will even take it further by telling you how special you are. Often times we hear this ladies and what? Melt we just fall head over heels for sweet words. However we forget to ask "What makes us so special, what about me is so angelic?" We often do not because we already the answers! Fellas fall for this too men often get caught up they underestimate women too much, letting their guards down leaving them open to pain!

The Call or Texting - Paging all Texting only ladies I know your out there! He will not call but he has the nerve to text you to death? When he needs something your phone is always going off, and it seems the minute you need him he has plans? These plans do not always include you, but if you're accepting text messaging its just to see if he really has you on a leash. He has not called in a week but has kept you on his leash, how you ask? He will text you good morning giving you a feeling of importance, but the lingering question is who is on other side of his morning? If he is really concerned do not text back see if he will call, however if you do not hear from him the text was just to see how really accessible you are to his expectations!
 The Calls  take place when he feels it your turn! Your number is like the lottery was pulled today you win a call from Mr.Want!  He will make the call seems as if your the only one he needs when in actuality it's just your hour!

Limited Visits- This occurs when your not the only lady in the camp, so unless you're willing to go camping your staying at home!

The Outing- Where is he taking you, but if you think about it sometimes it's where you're taking yourself? If you're always paying you're really dating yourself but with  handsome company! Where are you taking you?

Complicated Emotions 

The Insecure vibe- This happens when you're not being paid attention, when your no longer #1 to him but a name on a list of many! This emotion has many women willing to compromise their own self respect just to be heard or well appreciated!  This often happens when you do not know yourself worth or your value!

Shut Down- This is when the world is no longer important you grow numb! We women often shut down when a man we trusted has taken advantage of us! We aren't willing to let our guards down again instead we build walls will barbwire and electric gates to keep out the pain!

Getting out 

Discover yourself- We often fall for anything when we do not know our-self or what it is we really need! Players can smell fear,and insecurities a mile away if your afraid to speak your mind, trust me they will put the thoughts in there for you! So know yourself and never let someone become so much that your no longer important!

Letting Go- Once you move on stay gone, a lot of times men will do what it takes to gain your trust again just to slip back into the old ways  they are use to ! So move on stay gone do not allow yourself to be mistreated for sport!

Inside View 

1. Anyone who wants to make it work, will take the time and the effort it takes!

2.Pointless fighting happens when they want an excuse to cheat. Being free to do what they want while your mad!

3. Changing it up on you, happens when he/her is done playing a role! The real him/her will come out and forcing you to choose or adopt!

4. When your tears beat your smiles, they hope that the limited smiles you have out weigh the load of tears!

5. Questions when it seems there are more questions then answers reevaluation time!

6.Rules when you have all the guidelines and they have all the freedom something not right about that?

7. When your love is no longer a factor, when your feeling of security is slipping, when you're too tired to fight anymore!

8. When all they have is words, a kiss, or a touch it's over, they will hold you while you let them but eventually you will want more or at least you should!

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