Thursday, May 27, 2010


Long awaited video was finally released this week! We have seen the pre-views, listened to the hot track but now the video is out! Not to mention it was well worth the wait, Trey Songz turned it down for this video, but still very sexy. We were all thinking it was going to be like "Neighbors Know My Name"  we just knew it. However we were surprised with the classy sexiness! The  "Sex Room" where anything is possible and your fantasies are filled beyond any expectations! Every scene in the video takes you to another place it's very clever and the shower scene very sexy! However you should have known that Trey and Ludacris was going to step it up with the fashion in this video! However the women in the video were rocking some of the hottest fashion to hit jewelry! Yes LaureLuxe Jewelry  was featured in the video throughout some major scenes! The exclusive line that caters to fashion and accessories! So enjoy the fashion and the music either way your pallet is filled with this video!

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