Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rick Ross (Mixtape) The Albert Anastasia EP

This summer has produced some major mixtapes and now adding to this summer's list! Rick Ross his mixtape has been in the works for a minute, but it was released today! Yes Rick Ross has dropped "The Albert Anastasia EP" this mixtape has some major names featured. Only Rick Ross would have P.Diddy cover the intro that starts off this major mixtape! Every track has it's takes you further deeper into this mixtape, however listeners beware the language this not for young ears so caution advised! "Blown' Money Fast" (B.M.F) ft. Styles P  this track is a slow starter but it picks up and pending on your taste is might be a hit or miss for you! "Gotti Family" ft. Yo Gotti  the beat is killer your drawn in from the opening and engaged until the end! Easily this is the top of replays list. "All I Need" ft. Birdman & Trey Songz  you already know if Trey Songz is on it the ladies are listening! This track seems to add to the theme this summer of wanting someone who holds it down, and is always there for you."Sweet Life" ft. John Legend enough said you already know that this collaboration is a music lovers dream! John Legend always brings the soulfulness to any track he's on, and Rick Ross the Boss says it all about the "Sweet Life".Then "Super High" ft. Neyo we have all seen the video that featured the very beautiful and ageless Stacey Dash among other famous cameo's!  Neyo always brings out the hooks, and highlights any track he's featured on, but the video says it all visually. However the track is a replay and goes on the list of top choices. Taking it back to the rap game of classic proportions "Knife fight" ft. Kool G Rap  the beat gives you the feel as if you just stepped back in time!Your mind is washed over with the lyrical genius poured into this track,this takes you back to what rap use to be like so enjoy! Where there is a part I there has to be a part II so here it is."White Sand" pt. II ft. Triple C's  mixed reviews on this track it's up to the listeners taste however you have plenty to choose from on this mixtape if this isn't your track!There is a bonus track included "Nasty" ft. Masspikes Mikes the hook and beat is a instant trap for the mind. However it's a parental advisory track as well the language and suggestive so listeners you have been advised!

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Super High ft. Neyo 

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