Thursday, May 27, 2010

Red Cafe (Mixtape) No Witnesses

This Mixtape was dropped at midnight this week! The fans have been waiting to hear from Red Cafe and the wait was over May 25th around midnight! This mixtapes has many featured artist on it that add to the tracks as only they can so enjoy and download if you like!"Opening Act"  starts this mixtape off and it's chilling to the ears because you know no one can be left alive! Which leads into the next track entitled "No Witnesses"  enough said, it just explains the title and why no one can be left behind! This mixtape brought out the big guns "Chop Em Down" ft. Rick Ross & Busta Rhymes  the beat is hot, but it's the added bonus of these two artist that really add to the fire on this track! "Be Alright" ft. Lore'l & Ross Fortune the track that pulls you in from the beat. This track can be a love it or like it but either way it's a replay!"This is it (Luchini 2010)" ft. Fabolous was the added bonus on this track! It's a easy to enjoy track but it's the beat that really makes this hit lovable! Then you know it was coming "I'm Ill"  pt. 3 ft. Fabolous, Llyod Banks, Jadakiss and Lore'l  this track was opened by Jadakiss. This track has been gaining major buzz from the very first time we heard it, that beat is something serious! Then you added all these artist who all bring something special to anything they touch look out! "Seen Money" ft. Akon  yes Akon is back the beat is what really engages the ears! The hook is solid you'll have this track on repeat guaranteed. However parental advisory is advised due to the language, and content of the songs on this track! Many mixed reviews on this mixtape however music is up to interpenetration so you like, love, hate either way it's your choice! No Witnesses Hosted by Ill Will & DJ Rockstar only the best to work with!

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I'm Ill ft. Fabolous

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