Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Antonio Nodar - The Photographer

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, They say that photographer have the best sight when it comes to capturing that beauty. They see the world as a photo, every chance is an opportunity to capture the lightness or the darkness of the image they seek. Photographers see the artistic angle to thing around them, the very things we see daily cause a spark in their imaginations that they much capture. Think about the flowers you see blooming daily you never take a second look or glance. Then let a photographer capture that same set of flowers with the light glaring over it as the shadows peek from underneath, its a beauty you see everyday but brought to light by a camera. Images trigger memories, a feeling, and even sometimes a cause for action pending on the image. Antonio Nodar is no different but the definition of what a great photographer is and can be. His images not only stir the imagination but peak the curiosity for more, and more.  He has been working with BOosHiE BagZ  in their campaign to end violence with fashion. From the images above you can see some of the photos capturing the new line of bags created by  BOosHiE BagZ over in the United Kingdom.  You can find more of Antonio Nodar and his work here:
So enjoy the artistic view of the photographer who is not afraid to see the beauty we are afraid to capture with plain sight!

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