Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The New Music Videos (What is your Opinion?)

Robin Thicke Ft. Estelle - Rollacoasta When you think of Robin Thicke the words of captivating artist comes to mind. Then you think of Estelle you think of a women who has soul and that x-factor to sell any song. Put these two together  you create a magic beyond words. These two took it up another notch with this song "Rollacoasta" The video gives you that vibe your there with them. Robin always makes his videos stand out by being far from what is being produced, and Estelle always adds that edge to make any video spark! The fashion was high end I wanted to know who did the wardrobe on this video shoot?

Gorilla Zoe - Day Dreamer 
Gorilla Zoe was missing in action for a while, but now he is back with a hit video and song. We can all relate to being a "Day Dreamer" at some point and wanting more or even wanting to be some where else. The idea of wanting more then what you have. The beat is a classic Gorrila Zoe joint, and the combination of genius lyrics and a hook that will stick with you for days. The video was just what you imagined the average life style vs. the Dreamer lifestyle which for many of us is always better until we wake up! 

T-Pain- Reverse Cowgirl 
Yes ladies and Gents, T-Pain has another hit track called "Reverse Cowgirl" enough said. T-Pain surprised us all with the video layout, see most artist would have used this time to really play out some fantasies. However not this time, the video was done in a very artist way. The women were dressed in very designer, high fashion clothing. The video was very simple but with a song like "Reverse Cowgirl" you don't need much more then an imagination. "RevolveR" is the upcoming anticipated album but T-Pain hitting stores this summer this is one of many tracks that will be featured.

Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce
"Telephone" is the newest video from these two talented collaborating divas! Now for many the video pushed the envelope and for others it was just a sample of the boldness to come. However we have all had that person in our life where we just wanted them to stop calling and leave us be! Well this video took it there with special appearances from some big names!  The video was a combination of the retro 70's vibe with an Kill Bill, but no matter how you feel about the video the song is a hit and the radio stations are really getting the buzz!

Video Preview : Fabolous - Mr. RIP
The name says it all, but the video sets the tone for it, and you won't be disappointed. Fabolous has done it again he has taken another track into gold! Many claim that Fabolous is the most under-rated rapper known to date, that he's not given the credit he deserves in the business today! However with songs like these the public will have no choice but to stand up and recognize his ability!

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