Friday, March 19, 2010

KHLEO THOMAS -(While You Were Sleeping, He Was Taking Your Spot)

Guess who is making head way in the music business more importantly changing the game? KHLEO THOMAS yes KHLEO THOMAS we all first met him on the once hit show "Kids Say The Darnest Thing" he captured us with that smile and charm. He is all grown up now, and him is taking the game by storm. We first heard his skills on the hit movie "Holes" who knew the kid had major flow? Yet it's been a passion and dream that took over when he met Shad Moss or better known "Bow Wow" on the set of "Roll Bounce". Further shocking fans by showing up on stage at the "Scream Tour" many fans just could not believe their eyes, however they surprise was worth it and pleasing.

This young man is proving he is more then an actor,activist,but a multi-talented young man who can do anything he imagines. His music reaches you at a level that completes the link that was missing. He is that future many artists feared was coming, he has changed the game from the underground, now hitting it mainstream with the brightest green light! He is rumored to be signing with SODMG which is Soulja Boy's label, talk about a label with unstoppable talent. His lyrics are organic, his rhymes are the hearts therapy, while his beats are the minds oasis to real music again! This young man is untouchable, his humbleness is commendable, taking everything one step at a time but busting through the doors with no regrets. His mixtape "The World Is A Cartoon" hit record break numbers in just hours, and by the weeks end the mission was accomplished! You cannot stop him or deny his talent this young man has proven that if he wants it, watch out it's only a matter of days before he has it and doing it better!So haters don't take it personally it's just business and he is the money!

Khleo Thomas

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