Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Engagements: Is This the Year Echo Boomers Marry?

Over four-million Americans are expected to propose or be proposed to on Valentine's Day, according to a recent American Express survey. That's a lot of bended knees and diamond rings; but how many of these proposals will come from members of Generation Y?
Also known as the Echo Boomers and Millennials, the generation born between 1982 and 1995 is showing a reluctance to tie the knot. As of 2009,only 21 percent of Echo Boomers were married, according to the Pew Research Center, and a whopping 75 percent had never married. Some 15 percent of adults younger than 35 said they have postponed getting married because of the recession.
But things are looking up as the unemployment rate goes down and the real estate market looks even more enticing for buyers.
Gen Y now tops out at 30 years old and many are looking to settle down. A December 2011 survey from Trulia revealed people between the ages of 18-34 still believe in the concept of home ownership. For 65 percent of those surveyed, their American Dream includes marriage and feathering their new nests.
Many Millennials are moving directly from their parents' basements and into their first homes. That means they haven't collected the bare necessities, such as linens and kitchenware, much less major appliances. That doesn't mean they haven't defined their tastes, however. Mostalready know what they want and would prefer to select home items for themselves.
As a result, Echo Boomers are steadily moving toward requesting money as wedding gifts. Others prefer to avoid asking for cash by participating in a wedding registry for gift cards at such websites as CardAvenue. They can sign-up to receive gift cards from preferred stores, but make the final purchases themselves.
A gift card registry also allows soon-to-be-weds to register for more unusual stores, where they can find gear to fuel their camping habit orbuy home-renovation materials.
"To celebrate our marriage, we're planning a California road trip - the first experience in a lifetime of shared memories," says couple Marleneand Derek, due to be wed in April. "Our CardAvenue registry will help guests find items for our road trip as well as a few items needed for ourhome."


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  1. I am from that generation. I did not know that's what we're called. This is a good idea. I was pondering how to go about asking for cash instead of gifts for my wedding, this might be less awkward.

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