Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"Anti-Valentine's Day: 6 Ways to Un-Celebrate"

Thanks to the barrage of advertisements featuring pink hearts and devoted boyfriends -- coupled with endless floral deliveries received by yoursmitten coworkers -- there's no way to avoid Valentine's Day today. But before you resign yourself to a lonely evening at home, consider these six anti-Valentine's Day celebration tips.
1. Host an "Ex Roast"- Going out with your single friends on Valentine's Day is not a bad idea, though you'll quickly find yourself immersed in affectionate couples.Host an at-home event instead and take turns roasting your exes over a glass (or bottle) of wine.
2. See a Slasher Film- Skip this season's latest romantic comedy for a good ol' fashioned slasher movie. Though it's becoming a bit of a trend, nothing drains that romantic feeling faster than watching people get chopped to bits. Hit up Fandango.com for local listings.
3. Go Shopping- Just because you're not celebrating Valentine's Day doesn't mean you can't take advantage of retailers' heartwarming deals. Avoid the kissy couples buying each other trinkets and shop online. Find coupons for Macy's and other retailers from CouponSherpa.com and fall in love with a new pair of shoes or killer dress.
4. Volunteer- Though Valentine's Day is pretty challenging for singletons, consider how challenging every day is for lonely residents of nursing homes or struggling patrons of your local food kitchen. The best way to combat your personal blues is to make someone else’s day, so get out their and volunteer!
5. Cozy Up to a TV Series- Nothing takes your mind off reality faster than ongoing plot lines in your favorite series. Rent from your local movie store or better yet, seewhat's available to stream from Netflix or Hulu. If you're in the mood for some serious eye candy, check out Matt Bomer in "White Collar," or hone your lie-detecting skills with "Lie to Me."
6. Save on Goodies- Let the doting dingbats pay full price for candy and flowers on Valentine's Day. You can satisfy your chocolate craving for 50 percent off onFeb. 15, plus pick up a festive bouquet to brighten up your dining room. Beat that, suckers!

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Andrea Woroch 
 nationally-recognized consumer and money-saving expert for Kinoli Inc.

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