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Madison S. Kelly

The Interview of a True Business Woman's Empire

Geneva: Thanks for agreeing to this interview. How are you doing today?

Madison S. Kelly (Don Diva): Well, thanks for being so patient with me. I am finally settling down from Play rehearsals and deadlines for magazines.The past few months have been filled with The Flipside play rehearsals, New Column debut " Pussy Cat Tales" in Craze magazine , Don Diva magazine deadlines and just completed new food column in Six Twelve Magazine with my daughter called " Diva Delights Corner". Its an honor to have this interview with you.

Geneva: Now how did you get into modeling?

Madison S. Kelly (Don Diva): Modeling started off as training classes all summer long at John Casablancas in Atlanta, GA when I was 14 years old. It was something that my Mom pushed me into, cause I was one of them teenagers that hated anything about dressing up. After I was around 18, I saw it as a way to get noticed in the entertainment industry. Now Modeling has become an extra income to pursue my other dreams.

Geneva: Now your a woman of many talents. What advice would you give young women trying to reach your level of success?

Madison S. Kelly (Don Diva): My advice for young ladies trying to reach any level of success is to put God first, be true to yourself and never let anyone disrespect you. Regardless of how much power one seems to have,YOU still deserve respect. And set small Goals that put you on the path to your main target.

Geneva: Can you take us through the demands for a TV host?

Madison S. Kelly (Don Diva): My experience as a New TV Host working on "Night Life Reality TV" was very full of lessons. Working with a great Director like Cathy Durant, gave me the chance to learn the ins and outs of the business. I learned how to carry myself more like an on air personality, the proper interview questions to pull the attention of my TV audience and how to interest my fans.

Geneva: What do you think is the biggest mistake upcoming talents makes?

Madison s. Kelly (Don Diva): Mistakes that I have seen and also some that I am guilty of is bringing my personal feelings, friends and family into my career. Sometimes its best to learn 1st yourself and then pull people aboard to help them reach their goals.

Geneva: Your the Editor At Large, for Don Diva magazine. Can you tell us about Don Diva the magazine?

Madison S. Kelly (Don Diva): Everyone knows that Don Diva Magazine is "The Original Street Bible" and we bring real life stories about real life issues in these streets and society. The whole team at Don Diva pride ourselves in bringing our Readers priceless knowledge and being an outlet for our Community and the world for that matter.
Geneva: For aspiring magazine writers what are they key elements they need to impress an editor like yourself?

Madison S. Kelly (Don Diva): What impresses me about new magazine writers is that PASSION to bring a GOOD story. A good story comes from researching the topic and just keeping it real with your readers. Readers want to learn something and feel what you are talking about. So just putting words on a piece of paper is never enough.

Geneva: When did you realize you made it in this industry?

Madison S. Kelly (Don Diva): I can not say that I have made it in this industry yet. I am still learning and building to reach my final goals. My foundation is finished ,so now I am putting all my blocks together to start on my finishing touches.

Geneva:  Out of everyone you have worked with.Who were you most surprised to work with?

Madison S. Kelly (Don Diva): I have to say never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever meet Kadar Masenburg or better yet have the pleasure of working on his team for the 2010 Soul Train Music Awards in Atlanta, Ga. So I am with him and the whole Kadar Entertainment team planning the Ultimate Grown and VERY Sexy Award Show coming up November 10, 2010 in Atlanta, Ga.

Geneva: If you could sum up yourself in one phrase what would it be and why?

Madison S. Kelly (Don Diva) : My one phrase would be "I Conquer by Continuing." Because I was on probation for 10 years and in & out of Jail for probation violations, but never gave up on my Dreams. Been full speed ahead since I completed my Probation terms and paid fines off. Now I am Probation free finally and no limitations.

Geneva: How do you relax after a busy day of yours?

Madison S. Kelly (Don Diva): I relax by cooking. At first it was a means of saving money, cause due to probation fines and very little income coming in. It was the only way of keeping my two children healthy with home cooked low cost meals, rather than keeping them full off Fast Food. Now I have designed my own Dessert Line and do Crafts/ Catering services all over Atlanta, Ga for events, music videos, Film sets and special occasions.

Geneva: What is the next level for you?

Madison S. Kelly (Don Diva): My next level right now is perfecting my Acting career and getting my 1st screenplay off the ground "Bosses Wear Stilettos". I am also working on my own Booking & Talent Agency and a Radio show.

Geneva: Can you take us through a typical day for you?

Madison S. Kelly (Don Diva): My typical day is: Waking up and popping my Laptop open to check my Twitter, Facebook and six email accounts. Then preparing breakfast with my family, a lite workout and then my daily prayers to keep my head level. After that my afternoon is spent with phone calls, sending emails out, writing ideas down, working on projects, baking cupcake orders as they come in and meetings. Now my evenings are busy with Acting classes, Voice lessons, Cooking dinner and then some nights Social activities.

Geneva: Who do you want to work with next? Who would you like to interview or host a party for?

Madison S. Kelly (Don Diva):I would love to gain a role on one of Tyler Perry's upcoming Plays and tour the country with him or be a guest cook on Paula Deans show. Interviewing my ideal Oprah would be a dream come true. And hosting a Diva day party with the whole Cast of Girlfriends and Tasha Mack from The Game would be a banging event for me.

Geneva: With all the changes in the industry, do you feel the door is opening more for women to be successful?

Madison S. Kelly (Don Diva): I feel that so many strong women are demanding that door open for us and we are PUSHING our way through. Now men are taking notice to us and seeing that our strength in numbers is POWERFUL. Men now are taking several Women as Partners and building successful empires.

Geneva: Thanks again for you agreeing to this interview! Is there anything you would like to say before you go. Also don't forget to tell us where to find you!

Madison S. Kelly (Don Diva): In closing, I would like to thank you Geneva, for allowing me to have this interview to reach out to your readers and tell them to Dream Big and never Give Up. You do or be whatever your heart desires. No Limits!

Much love to everyone,
Madison Shannon Kelly

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